Sirius Radio Subscription Cost

Sirius satellite radio service is available in the 48 contiguous United States, and the District of Columbia. Sirius has three powerful satellites in geo-synchronous orbit, and also a network of signal repeaters in dense urban areas and in tunnels. These devices ensure an uninterrupted stream of signals to your receiver and also you get to enjoy the broadcasts in digital quality audio. Sirius has an excellent line-up of channels with good quality content. They broadcast over 130 channels consisting of music, sports, entertainment, talk and news. There are around 69 commercial-free music channels, and they cover genres like Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Country, Classical, Jazz, Christian, Latin, Dance and International. Sport channels have coverage of all the important games and events of different sports like NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, Soccer, College, PGA Tour and many more. The entertainment channels have comedy, famous talk shows and channels for children like Radio Disney and so on. Regional, local, financial, political and international news is covered by the famous names in news like CNN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, Fox News and many more. Sirius also has Internet Radio and you can listen to the channels on your computer with a broadband connection.

For providing this excellent radio service, Sirius charges a subscription fee. There are various packages one can subscribe to, according to the number of channels and period of subscription. Sirius has now merged with its only competitor XM Satellite Radio, but the two services are still available separately. The only advantage is that you can get an extra package of “The Best of XM” included in your subscription.

If you go in for a monthly subscription fee, it will cost you $12.95 and you will get all the Sirius Channels. You can make a saving if you take the annual subscription, which will cost you $142.45, which means you will be actually be paying for 11 months and one month will be free. If you take a subscription for 2 years, you can save even more by paying only $271.95, which amounts to 3 months free radio. If you already have a subscription and want to take additional subscriptions for more radios, it will cost you only $8.99 per month for the additional radios.

Sirius also offers a very comprehensive package which contains, all of the Sirius channels plus the best of XM as well. You will receive over 140 channels, including the XM line up like Oprah radio, MLB Home Plate, NBA and NHL games, Opie and Anthony and many more. This package for a monthly subscription will cost you $16.99. If you opt for a 2 year subscription you will get 5 months free and you will be paying $322. You can save even more by going in for the 3 year subscription, costing $458, and get a saving of $150 for 9 months.

If you are already a subscriber you can listen to Premium Sirius Internet radio for an additional cost of $2.99 per month. If you are not a subscriber you will have to pay the usual subscription fee of $12.95 per month.