Sirius Radio Subscription

Satellite Radio is quickly becoming an accepted part of many households. And that is owing to the popularity that comes with it. Most people that have tried satellite radio have made the switch permanent. That is to say, once you get a taste of it, there is no going back. There are so many privileges that one gets to enjoy with satellite radio that cannot be found with the terrestrial radio stations. But to enjoy all these and many more things, you need to make a monthly subscription to a satellite radio station. 

Currently in the US, there are two satellite radios and the one that has won the most hearts is Sirius Radio. It has been around for a couple of years but it is only now that the radio station is getting the popularity and the attention, and with good reason too. Being that the radio waves are sent via the satellite, the sound is crisp and clear, and adding to the fact that it is digital makes satellite radio a sure winner over the traditional brick and mortar radio stations in all aspects. The only difference is that you cannot get to simply tune in to satellite radio and you need to subscribe first before you get the privilege. 

If you are worried that this would interfere with your budget, then your fears are misguided since the fee is little. A monthly service charge for Sirius Radio is about $12.95. We can all agree that that is affordable. If you feel like it is not, you can always make a commitment with the radio company that you will stay subscribed for a certain period of time, say two years. With this contract, you are entitled to a lower monthly subscription costs. 

There are some of us that feel like the monthly fees are ridiculous and a lifetime subscription is better. Well for that crowd, they will be happy to know that Sirius Radio has one of those but they are radio attached. For about $499.99 you can enjoy Sirius Radio for the rest of your life. If not then you have to make do with the $13 give or take every month. The fee is likely to increase since this is usually the standard for a said number of channels. If you choose you want in on some additional radios, there is a charge still, meager though, but that all depends on you and your tastes. All you need to know is this- with Sirius Radio, the constant monthly service fee is $12.95 but any extras that you choose to add will increase this fee. 

It may not seem to be all that realistic since with terrestrial radio you just search and listen, but satellite radio is unique in all ways. It gives you so much freedom, so many channels, all with a superior kind of audio output. When you filter this into the equation you realize that every buck you pay is well spent.