Sirius Radio Store

Sirius Radio Stores offers the users a variety of products, which is customized to the needs of all the users and according to their affordability. Amongst the special offers of Sirius, there are the products like “Stiletto 2”, “Sportster 5”, ”Stratus 4” and “InV2”. It also offers the top selling products like “Starmate 4”, “Sportster 3” and “Tivoli Table Radio”. It has in the basket the products like “Starmate 5 Dock & Play Radio” with the car kit, “Stratus 5 Dock and Play Radio” with the car kit. Sirius is simply the one stop shop because of complete product range which is absolutely delightful for the users. Users can pick up the product as per their need and the affordability.

Sirius Radio Stores gives you updated information on the latest developments in radio business. It appraises on hardware of Sirius product. Amongst the distinguished achievement 5 Sirius Satellite Radio products were honored at International CES with “Innovations Design and Engineering Awards”. Those 5 products included “SIRIUS Stiletto 100”, “Stiletto Antenna Headset”, “SIRIUS Conductor”, “Sportster4”, and the “Sirius Connect Home”. It reflects the technological advancements as well as in design and engineering.

With the introduction of Sirius Stiletto 100, Sirius radio became truly portable. Stiletto 100 is the first portable receiver from Sirius. It can receive all Sirius programming. It can record for 100 hours of programming in “6-hour segments”. The Wi-Fi accessibility allows to stream the Sirius programming with the help of internet and the users can load their MP3/WMA files on it. 
“SIRIUS-SLY” is another featured product of Sirius Radio Stores. It is a “SV1 SIRIUS One Satellite Radio Receiver”. It is an effortless way to connect to satellite radio and mainly for couple of reasons: It has easy installation process and very much affordable.

Sirius satellite radio has also introduced “Sirius Connect Home tuner”. It is a new satellite radio receiver and it is designed to interface with the multiple radios, the audio systems and with the home theatre systems. Sirius Radio Stores also offers "SIRIUS S50". It is the first wearable satellite radio Sirius has offered to its users. "SIRIUS S50" enables users to select and load for 50 hours of Sirius substance. It can be a combination of Sirius programming and the MP3/WMA files. It offers the users a facility to listen to the favorite stored items on the go.

Sirius offers the portable “Plug and Play” satellite radio. It is one of the most popular segments. SIRIUS offers “Here2Anywhere Portable Satellite Radio Tuner” from Kenwood. It is easily carried from the car to home with docking kits as optional. Sirius has also introduced the “Clarion SIRPNP”, the smallest and mobile “Plug and Play” receiver. Sirius Radio Stores also offers the product like “SIRIUS XACT XTR1”. It is a satellite radio receiver which is about the size of a palm. It is a “Stream Jockey” plug and play satellite radio. It comes in the shape of a cell phone and can be carried anywhere. It needs headphones and speakers.The entire product ranges of Sirius Radio are available at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target Stores.