Sirius radio stern:

There have been some inventions of mankind that have caused a lot of changes to the civilizations. to name some inventions are wheel, printing and another one is the radio. the radio may not be the most important invention of man but it has been the starting point for many new inventions that have revolutionize the world. it is because of the radio that the air space is used to this very great extent nowadays. The airspace is used for a lot of communication purposes. it is based on the radio various technologies such as sonar were made possible. The field of telecommunication has taken a lead from the radio technology. Radio has helped nations at the time of some disasters. it was possible to reach the millions of people of every country through radio signals. It has been a great form of mass communication. Radios were essentially found as a means of carrying information over short distances. Then with improvements in technology the radio signals were broadcasted to long distances. It was through radio that Winston Churchill addressed the nation during the torrid times of Second World War.

The German planes were firing at various places of England and there was a lot of insecurity among the people of England and to raise the morale of his countrymen Churchill used this mass communicator. Radio services works as follows. The carrier wave is either frequency modulated or amplitude modulated with the information and is broadcasted to the receivers. This type of radio broadcasting is called terrestrial radio service. This is so called as the broadcast station is located on the earth. Then came satellite radio service which broadcasts radio signals though satellites. The satellite radio service had a lot of advantage over the terrestrial radio because of it s technological superiority. The idea of satellite radio service was doing the rounds in the late eighties and early nineties. Then it got some shape in 1992.sirius radio a terrestrial radio provider started its operations on providing satellite radio service. They had completed their process and began their satellite radio broadcast in 2002.since then there has been no looking back they have obtained a great market share of customers and have created a reputation of a very big and reliable company. They have been offering a wide variety of programs.

One of their most famous programs on Sirius radio is that of Mr. Howard Stern. It’s an uncensored talk show. He worked in the terrestrial radios for about 30 years before moving to satellite radios. He has been contracted by Sirius for about $500 million for a period of 5 years. He got into satellite radio because he was unhappy with the terrestrial radio companies which didn’t provide him much of freedom. He is a very famous and influential name in the radio business. There is a wide spread following for his shows on Sirius. His fame has reached the top after he had signed the monumental deal with Sirius. By combining with Sirius he has established a great partnership which continues to entertain the audiences.