Sirius Radio Specials

Sirius satellite radio broadcasts over 120 channels of high quality entertainment and information, to the whole of mainland United States and Canada. This service has become very popular and there are more than 18 million subscribers in United States alone. The popularity of this service is because of its superior programming content and clear digital quality reception. All the 69 music channels are totally commercial-free and the other channels consist of categories like sports, news, talk and entertainment. The popularity of this service has given rise to many online stores selling Sirius radios and subscriptions.

Sirius Specials is an authorized Sirius online dealer, and has many special deals on radios and subscriptions. The site provides you with all the information on the different models and also you can compare the features of different radios, to arrive at an informed decision. You can also shop by price and the different categories are starting from $49.99 and under and goes up to $3000 and above. Sirius Specials provides free ground shipping for all orders of $49.99 and above. The site answers all the questions you have about satellite radio, and gives you information regarding installation and activation of your Sirius radio. Once you subscribe to their newsletter you will be informed of all the latest special deals on the radios.

Sirius Radio Specials are listed on the home page of this website, and the latest models featured are the Sporster, Stiletto and Starmate radios. They have a separate section about refurbished radios, where you can buy radios which have been reconditioned and sold at a very cheap rate. Each reconditioned radio carries a 90-day warranty and a 30-day return policy. There is the Sirius InV Radio with Car Kit, in this section, which is available for only $29.99. At this price you will not get a radio with so many features. This is a very compact radio that is meant for small vehicles, but comes with a host of features. You can preset 10 of your favourite channels, and easily browse the different channels with its push-button controls. The large 3-line display is easy to read and will provide information like channels number and name, category, song title, artist name and so on.  The radio comes with the power adapter, antenna and dash mount.

The Sirius Specials site has a full section devoted to the different subscription plans that are available for Sirius satellite radio. There is the most comprehensive plan for $16.99 per month, in which you will get all the Sirius channels and also the best channels of XM. If you subscribe to this package you will also get to listen to Sirius Internet Radio for free. If you go in for additional subscriptions you will be given certain discounts, and will be eligible for Premium Sirius Internet Radio upgrades. The next package on the list is for $12.95, and it will give you all the Sirius channels. This package also includes free listening to Sirius Internet radio and eligibility for upgrades in the future.