Sirius radio schedule:

Radio is one of the most fascinating and useful devise that the human beings have invented. It’s a great companion at the lonely times. it keeps the listener updated with happenings around the world. It ruled the world of mass communication before the advent of more advanced devices such as TVs. it was very famous among people of all age groups and sections. The old radio services had limited channels and very limited programs on them. People used to love the programs and would always remember the timings of their favorite programs. People loved to hear the albums of beetles and Michael Jackson on their radio sets. Radios also showed their utility at the time of disasters such as war. Leaders of the country would address the nation on radio and would motivate people and the army. The ordinary radios had some drawbacks which were overcome by satellite radios. They adopted more modern and sophisticated technology. They provided more coverage and clarity.
When the idea of satellite radio service was discussed   few companies believed in the idea and started working towards it. One of such company was Sirius Radio Company. It is a very famous company in terrestrial radio service which entered into satellite radio service. It started its operations and became fully operational within a short time of 12 years. the business model that the follow is to provide customers with radio sets and make them subscribe channels y paying a price for every channel that they want to subscribe. They rely more on their subscription revenue than on ad revenue. This company has become very successful in satellite radio service business too. It has about 70 channels and has been dominating the North American market. They provide a lot of different kinds of programs for its customers. They provide separate channels for sports, news, talk shows. They have separate channel for music. They even have separate channel for comedy shows.
Sirius has diversified the shows that they provide. in music they provide pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop, elec, Christian, standards, classical etc. In sports they provide details on NFL, NBA,NHL,PGA tour, Horse racing, soccer etc. in news and talk shows they have political talk, finance news, religion, traffic and weather. In entertainment they provide shows on comedy, Howard stern, Maratha stern. They have various channels and it becomes very difficult for the listeners to remember the timing of the programs. The Sirius Company has given standard schedules for it radio programs. For example Pete’s Hits and misses is played every Saturday at 1pm and Sunday 8 pm. then the morning mash up at 6 am every Wednesday. Then in case of sports, Sports Center is played weekdays from 2-3pm.then Balon Latin Americno at weekdays from 11 am -2 pm. satellite radio services have had a good impact on the people and it has created a good market for itself. It has created a big customer base and continues to grow at a good rate.