Sirius Radio Sales

Sirius satellite radio service has been broadcasting since 2002, and many people consider this service to have superior programming and good quality reception. It provides 130 channels to more than 18 million of its subscribers. Sirius is known for its famous talk shows and good coverage of many of the sports in United States. The talk shows feature famous personalities like Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and many more. Sirius has spent million of dollars in deals with these famous people and certain sports organisations, to provide you with the best and most exclusive channels, in the radio industry. There are around 69 channels that broadcast commercial-free music of different genres, including Country, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin and more. The sport channels give live coverage of all the popular American games including NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, Soccer, College Sports, PGA Tour and many more. The news channels are the best in the industry like CNN, CNBC, BBC, Fox and more.

Although the Sirius satellite radio service is much superior to any other service available, their growth has not been as expected, and also the economic downturn has affected the Sirius Radio Sales. Let us see the general trend in Sirius Radio Sales and how it has changed in the recent times. On an average, according to certain surveys, a customer used to spend over $170 on a Sirius radio and accessories. Now it seems that only 29% of customers are spending between $150 to $200, and the rest are spending less than $150. Many experts believe that 65% of the Sirius Radio Sales come from customers wanting equipment for their vehicle, 13% for stand-alone use and 22% wanted equipment for use in a vehicle and home.

According to surveys conducted, the sellers also seem to have a similar picture. 48% of the sellers thought that Sirius Radio Sales, was down compared to last month, but overall it was much better than last year. 30% feel that the Sirius Radio Sales have actually increased and 22% felt that it was the same as last year. Overall about 50% of the traders feel that Sirius Radio Sales is increasing while 25% still thought that they had gone down.

One thing still remains the same in Sirius Radio Sales, is that the majority of customers, buy Sirius equipment mainly for their car. Sirius has made deals with several car companies to install Sirius satellite radios in the new vehicles. This being the case, the overall figure has taken a beating because of the poor performance of the car industry in the recent economic downturn.

There are now many Sirius radio models available, that are portable. Sirius Radio Sales of these models seem to have picked up and many are preferring a portable to a fixed radio. The trend now is to listen to satellite radio on the go. Many people prefer to carry these models as they also have a player and a recorder, which records not only live radio, but can also store MP3 and WMA files.