SIRIUS Radio S50

The SIRIUS Radio S50 is a simple, personal, movable and recent radio. It seamlessly broadcasts live Sirius satellite radio and has a brain to comprehend your choice of music and other channels on the basis of your listening habits. It uses this data to automatically record many hours of these programs that you like listening to majorly. This recorded programming can be carried along with you anywhere. The entire package also includes executive dock and arm band and does not have the vehicle pack. There are scores of accessories that you can buy to enhance the performance of this radio set.

The other prominent characteristics and abilities of SIRIUS Radio S50 are:

ü Listeners can enjoy live radio programs in their car or a home audio system or even replay stored programming while traveling.
ü You can store a maximum of fifty hours of your preferred shows by pressing the heart button on the SIRIUS radio S50. Instead of this, you can even store single music tracks and shows to classify them later according to artist, title or genre.
ü The S50 keeps and account of three of your most-accessed music channels and learns this information for recording the programs from these channels.
ü An amazing feature of SIRIUS radio S50 is the Replay wherein you can halt, rewind and even fast-forward live Sirius radio!
ü You can have your personal MP3 or WMA file collection and listen to the same through a USB cable if you connect it to a PC. You can also team up various audio files to make a custom playlist.
ü Game Alert is a feature wherein the listener is notified whenever his preferred sports team is playing.

Other than these, the SIRIUS radio S50 also has the sports ticker and one-touch jump features found in Sportster models. The package comprises of an AC adapter, belt clip, CLA, car antenna and a car mount. The ‘My SIRIUS Studio’ and S50 driver software is also installed.

The company announces the release of software updates as and when required. Users need to download and install this update for continuous radio service. This does not affect the original settings in your radio like your favorite playlist or recorded talk shows. You can update your radio by following the instructions given by the support staff. Another option for active subscribers of Sirius radio is to send their radio set to the company for an update to be carried out. The company will return your updated SIRIUS radio S50 free of cost.

New users of the SIRIUS radio S50 will be required to buy a car or home dock for their radio. Other personal accessories include a replacement battery, a leather case, cable case, earphones, universal serial bus cable etc. Home users can buy an outdoor antenna, echo home wireless signal repeater system, echo antenna, antenna extension cable and the home signal distribution kit.

Overall the SIRIUS radio S50 is designed to enrich the listening experience of its users with its mind-boggling features!