Sirius Radio Reviews

Sirius satellite radio offers listeners a chance to enjoy their services which they can get once they subscribe to it. Because of this, Sirius Radio offers commercial free music to its listeners and you don’t have to disturbed every few minutes with a commercial although some of the popular stations do have some commercials. The music found is so varied very few listeners’ tastes will not be catered for.
There is no static when you have the signal, but if you lose it then there will be static. The quality of the sound produces is not affected by the loss of the radio signals and because of this if you have good reception you can be able to fully enjoy the near CD sound quality available. Having to wait for a DJ to tell you which artiste, whose song might be playing, was irritating because you had to wait until the end of the song to hear that, but Sirius radio displays the artiste information on the LCD screen. You can know whose song the channel is playing by just checking.
Travelers can be able to get to listen to the weather updates straight from your Sirius radio set. This is not the usual weather updates but listeners can get the traffic and weather news even on selected major markets. Residents in the major US cities will enjoy this service as they can get the updates on their localities. Sirius Radio also allows you to peep over the programming at their website. You can check what programs will be aired in the coming weeks and you can also listen to music online if you have the user name and password. Sirius does not charge their subscribers to listen to music.
Music fanatics and news lovers can get uncensored radio broadcast. There is unfiltered stand-up comedy from some of the best comedians in town and also uncensored hip hop music which is so popular among the young people. Sirius has also enabled boat owners to enjoy their program content with reception reaching close to about 200 miles out of the sea. Sirius radio is also available on your mobile phone unlike other satellite radio providers. Music is distributed through a cellular network and this has made it possible for Windows enabled phones to play Sirius radio
The greatest downside to Sirius Radio is its customer care department which listeners say is slow to respond to their problems. Customers complain constantly that the department does not compliment the excellent service that Sirius Radio offers on its programs since they receive very minimal help if any at all. You can wait up to 20 minutes so that you can get your call answered. The representative who might answer your call may not tell you will either be put on hold or will be referred to someone who is unhelpful.
The follow up through was very slow and also cancelling of the subscriptions may not be as fast as you would have wanted it to be.