Sirius Radio Review

The Sirius Radio, is based on satellite technology, and receives the Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts. Sirius Satellite Radio service covers the whole of mainland United States and Canada. Sirius uses three powerful satellites and a network of terrestrial signal repeaters to give an uninterrupted  stream of programming on your Sirius Radio. The programs are up-linked to the Sirius satellites, from the various studios and then the satellites beam down these signals which is received by the Sirius Radio. The terrestrial signal repeaters are used in densely built-up urban areas, where there are lots of tall structures which might block the satellite signal, from being received by your Sirius Radio.

The most important part of a Sirius Radio is its antenna. The antenna will receive the signals and send it to the radio via a connecting cable or internal wiring if it's a built-in antenna of a portable radio. The placement and positioning of the antenna should be correct, in order to receive a clear signal. For a home Sirius Radio, the supplied antenna, should be mounted on the roof or the window sill. The antenna should have a clear line of vision of the sky, without any obstructions. The direction of the antenna will depend on the location of your house, and the correct direction will be mentioned in the manual supplied with the Sirius Radio. The Sirius Radio for a vehicle usually comes along with an antenna with a powerful magnetic base. You can place this on the roof of your car or on the trunk lid.

The Sirius Radio is capable of fully integrating with your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready receiver or home theater system. It will also integrate with a compatible head unit or in-dash stereo in your vehicle. The seamless integration will allow you to control your Sirius Radio through your receiver's controls. You will also be able to see information like channel name and number, song title, artist name and category, on the display of your receiver.

The Sirius Radio has evolved with advancing technology, and now there are very sleek and portable models available in the market. These models are very compact, and can be transferred from your vehicle to home and back again. You will need to install the necessary docking kits, in your home and vehicle. Many models of the portable Sirius Radio, is also equipped with a player which lets you store and play MP3 and WMA files. These plug-and-play models, although very small in size, are packed with a lot of features.

Most of the Sirius Radios will have the preset feature, by which you can preset 10 to 50 of your favourite channels depending on the model. Advanced features include a recording function by which you can pause, rewind and replay the live radio stream you were listening. The time span will depend on the model and it ranges between 45 minutes to 10 hours. The memo function lets you store data of your favourite song or artist, and the seek function will alert you when that song is about to be played on any of the channels.