SIRIUS Radio Receiver

The SIRIUS radio receiver is an inevitable part of the Sirius radio package. The Sirius radio provides varied programming that does not have the interruption of commercials like the other radio stations. There are over a hundred channels that play music, news, traffic updates and also inform you about the marine weather forecast. You can take your pick and subscribe to any of these channels. There are several radio membership packages suitable for family, music lovers, news enthusiasts that include a combination of some of these channels.

Now after you have purchased your SIRIUS radio receiver, you have to register as a member to begin your journey as a listener. There are certain points regarding the various types of service offered that must be learnt prior to creating an account on Sirius radio. When you start out to register as a listener, keep the radio receiver, radio registration number and a valid credit card ready with you. After that, carry out the following steps.

1. Note down the SID number given on your Sirius radio pack. You can find it below the bar code of your Sirius radio box or find it mentioned in the user documentation provided with the radio. This number should be kept handy with the credit card details for speeding the signing up procedure.

2. Next you need to set up your SIRIUS radio receiver. Although it is simple to do the installation, you can seek technical help if you are not confident of doing it. Take care that your antenna is in the direction of the southern skies.

3. Select a Sirius radio package that caters to your requirements from the myriad variety offered by the company. You have the choice of paying every month or annually or even opt for a lifelong plan. If you own a business, an exclusive plan is required for using the radio in the office premises.

4. Now you can register for an account on the SIRIUS website or call on their contact number for finishing with your installation process. The account will be activated within an hour after the receiver starts working.

5. You can ask the SIRIUS support staff to block the adult channels from your radio if you wish. This is because this radio service does have some programs that are focused on gay, adult or uncensored content and might not be suitable for kids or an office installation. There are certain techniques by which you can set a pass-code for the adult channel to keep the kids away from it.

6. Go through your SIRIUS channels and check out if you are having a clear signal for all of them. Usually all the radio units come with a “seek” button that refreshes the stations after half a minute.

This was the easy procedure for setting up your SIRIUS radio receiver. Once you have done that, you can enjoy your choice of music, news, lifestyle channels along with the regular traffic and weather updates from the 120 channels.