Sirius Radio Rebate

Sirius satellite radio service has over 10 million subscribers in the United States and their popularity seems to be growing even with the present economic downturn. Sirius provides excellent programming content, their three powerful satellites and terrestrial signal repeater networks, give you an uninterrupted radio stream in digital quality audio. Sirius also has a wide range of radio models with sophisticated features and controls. The latest models are the plug-and-play devices which give you portability of your radio, and the advantage of saving on multiple subscriptions. There is also a Sirius Radio Rebate on certain models if you activate your subscription within a certain date.

The Sirius Radio Rebate has certain conditions that you have to fulfil to get a mail-in rebate of $10 to $40. You will have to mail to the Sirius office, the completed rebate form, and also attach a copy of the receipt of purchase of the eligible model. There will be a 12 digit UPC code on the box of your radio, which you will have to cut and send it with the form. This will have to be in the original, and also include a copy of the ESN/Radio ID, which is on the back of the radio box. Only one rebate will be given per ESN/Radio ID. Then activate your Sirius subscriber account with your credit card. To get the rebate you will have to maintain a minimum of 60 days of continuous radio service. You can also avail of an additional $20 mail-in rebate, if you submit the receipt of professional installation for the purchased radio, or on the purchase of a InstallerNet, prepaid card. After completing these formalities, Sirius will check if your subscriber account has been kept active for the required 60 days and then mail you, your cheque, within 8 weeks.

A $10 rebate is given on the Stratus 3 and 4 receivers, having the model numbers, SV3TK1, SV3TK1B, SV4TK1 and SV4TK1B. To avail a $20 rebate you should have bought the Stiletto 2 receiver, model numbers SL2PK1 or SL2PK1B. The $20 rebate is also available on the Streamer GT SIRSL1. The $40 rebate is for the Starmate 4 model number ST$TK1 and also for Sportster 5 model numbers SP5TK1 and SP5TK1B. Previously a $20 rebate was also given on the SiriusConnect SC-C1 model.

There have been complaints regarding this Sirius Radio Rebate, as many people were not able to get their rebate cheques. A person who submitted all the required paper work, was told that all was in order, but it has been four months and still he has not got the promised $30 for his model. It seems that the person who activated his account made some mistake, which resulted in this situation. People feel that the customer service needs a lot of improvement with Sirius, as the rebates on XM models did not have any problem. Another person had sent for 2 rebates, which were denied on the basis of him activating the subscription with a gift card.