Sirius Radio Programming

Sirius Satellite Radio has been broadcasting since 2002 and has steadily grown in popularity with the American and Canadian public. Sirius has three powerful satellites in geosynchronous highly elliptical orbit and also a network of terrestrial signal repeaters. These superior equipments ensure an uninterrupted radio stream in high digital quality audio. There are now more than 18 million subscribers and the figure is still growing. Apart from excellent reception, it is the Sirius Radio Programming that has captured the hearts of people.

Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts more than 130 channels of excellent programming, which consists of commercial-free music channels, and channels devoted to sports, news/talk and entertainment. Sirius's policy is get the best and most exclusive content for its customers, and for this it spends millions of dollars in deals with famous personalities and sports organizations. These deals have given Sirius Radio Programming, a leading edge over all the other radio services.

Sirius has managed to rope in, the famous Howard Stern in a $100 million dollars a year contract, and he hosts the famous Howard Stern Morning Show and also manages his two channels. The programs include Howard's team giving news, taking your calls, discussing the major events of the week, and so on.

The famous Martha Stewart and her team of lifestyle experts will teach and guide you on various topics like gardening, cookery, wedding plans, entertaining and all that ladies want to know. She has an exclusive channel, called the Martha Stewart Living Radio, which has programs covering topics like beauty, cooking, entertaining, pet's health, housekeeping, gardening and women's health.

Sirius Radio Programming has the best to offer in the world of music. There are more than 65 channels of commercial-free music, covering almost all the genres like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Country, Classical, Christian, Dance, Latin and International. Each of these genres have multiple channels under them, so that all the possible music in that genre is fully covered. Sirius has chosen the best Djs for hosting the various shows, and most of them are well-known artists of that genre of music.

Sirius has signed a deal with NASCAR, to get you an exclusive channel, that is devoted only to NASCAR and most of its programming content is not available on any other radio service. Like this Sirius Radio Programming has a great line up of sports channels that cover NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer, PGA Tour, College Sports, Horse Racing and more. There is a set of play-by-play channels which will give you excellent coverage of all the games. There are popular hosts also for the various programs that give you exclusive interviews with players, team owners and sport celebrities.

There is a lot of entertainment channels on Sirius Radio Programming, and they cover comedy, popular talk shows, children's programs, news of the entertainment industry and box office and some adult channels. The news channels, give you all the breaking news as it happens in the country and from around the globe, and an in-depth analysis of the financial and economic situation in the various markets.