Sirius Radio Products

There are many, Sirius Radio Products in the market, as their demand has been growing, with the increasing popularity of Sirius satellite radio service. Sirius is known for its excellent programming and there are now more than 120 channels, broadcasted across mainland United States and Canada. With the three powerful satellites and network of terrestrial signal repeaters, Sirius is able to provide an uninterrupted reception in high quality digital audio.

Sirius Radio Products are available on all the major online stores and are featured on the Sirius website as well. Sirius Radio Products are now being manufactured by all the major companies like Audiovox, Xact, Calrion, Kenwood and many more. In 2007, five Sirius Radio Products were chosen as honorees, for the International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. They were Sirius Stiletto 100, Stiletto Antenna Headset, Sirius Conductor, Sportster 4 and the SiriusConnect Home.

The Stiletto 100, among the Sirius Radio Products, is truly a compact portable device. It includes a player where you can store and play MP3 and WMA files. These files can be transferred from or to your computer with the supplied Windows compatible software. This radio has the capacity to record 10 hours of Sirius broadcasts by pressing a single button. You can also schedule a recording of up to 6 hours, and the radio can also automatically choose certain of your favourite channels and start recording. It has a memory capacity of 2 GB and can store 100 hours of programming. The Stiletto 100 is Wi-Fi enabled and you will be able to get streams from Sirius Internet Radio, wherever the Wi-Fi network is available. It has a bright 2.2 inch display which is quite easy to read.

The Stiletto headset antenna is a lightweight antenna headset and can expand you live signal reception when you are outdoors. This Sirius Radio Product is durable and also water resistant, and designed for a comfortable fit.

Among the Sirius Radio Products is the Sirius Conductor which is an indoor satellite radio system designed for the house. It has a small satellite radio tuner, an indoor/outdoor antenna and a full-function wireless remote control. This remote is very sophisticated and has a lot of functions and controls. It has a 3-line LCD display, which shows the song title, artist name and channel number and name. This remote can be programmed to control your home theater system also and the in-built IR blaster can communicate with the base station through walls and obstructions up to a distance on 150 feet.

The Sportster 4 is another portable model among the Sirius Radio Products. It comes with a plug and play vehicle dock. You can pause, rewind and replay 44 minutes of live Sirius broadcasts. The replay list mode will let you choose the individual sections from the replay memory buffer. It has a one touch Jump button that lets you immediately tune to the traffic and weather channel or any one of your favourite channel. You can select your favourite teams with the GameZone feature, and the GameAlert prompt will tell you when these teams are playing on any of the channels.