Sirius Radio Players

Sirius being the number one, satellite radio service in the United States and Canada, has made many companies manufacture many different models of satellite radios. Sirius currently has over 18 million subscribers and the list is still growing. So there is quite a bit of demand for Sirius Radio Players in the market and the advancement in technology has made it possible to make very compact models which have all the superior features. Sirius Radio Players are no longer constricted  in the area of their use, as now you get portable models which can be used in home, office, vehicle or on the go. Most of these radios also include a player which can store your own music library.

The portable Sirius Radio Players, come with a function by which you can pause, rewind and replay live radio. The recording time will vary according to the model and can be anything between 5 to 100 hours. If you are looking to carry your own music library you will need to choose a model with higher memory capacity, as MP3 and WMA files tend to take much more space than a live radio recording. There are models available with microSD slots, so that you can extend the built-in memory capacity of the radio.

Many Sirius Radio Players are sold, in package deals, and you will get lot of other required components in the package. The portable models need a docking unit to function in your vehicle or home. The car docking unit is usually packaged along with the radio, so that you can immediately install it in your vehicle. You can keep a look out for this package deals, in online stores and you can save a lot of money, by their promos and discount coupons. The car docking unit will usually have a car antenna, a mounting bracket and other necessary connecting cables. The antenna will be mounted on the roof or trunk lid and connected to the radio. The mounting brackets or arm will let you mount the radio conveniently on your dashboard or windscreen.

Portable Sirius Radio Players are supported by Sirius boom boxes, and these devices are ideal to have at home. You can dock your player in the boom box and hear the radio stream at the volume you enjoy. Sirius broadcasting is in high quality digital audio, and such devices will enhance your listening experience. At home the antenna can be mounted on the roof or on the window sill, with a clear view of the sky.

Sirius Radio Players are now packed with features and functions, which make them very easy and convenient to use. Usually all the Sirius Radio players will have a multi-line, bright display screen, that is easy to read. Certain portable models come with a voice activated system which lets you navigate the different channels, without taking your hands off the steering wheel. You can preset 10 to 50 of your favourite channels, depending on the model, so that you can easily and quickly access them.