Sirius Radio MP3

Stiletto 100 is a Sirius Radio and a storehouse for your own MP3 library. This device is sleek and measures 116mm x 53mm x 18.25mm with a slim battery and 7.25mm more with a standard battery. This lightweight device weighing 132 grams, works on a 3.7 volt Lithium Ion battery. It has up to 2 GB of NAND Flash memory. The output of the headphones is 20mW at 16 ohms. It has a stereo jack for any added audio interface.

The Sirius Radio MP3, can be used as a portable Sirius Satellite Radio receiver and an MP3 library. By adding certain accessories you can transform it into a Sirius tuner that can be used with your vehicle's headset or in your home with your home theater system. The vehicle kit Model SL-V1 will let you use your Stiletto 100 in your car. It has a mounting cradle that lets you mount the Stiletto on to your car dashboard, and it comes with 10 buttons that allow you to preset channels, and the jump button that takes you directly to a particular channel that you have chosen previously. The cradle has a convenient finger grip and a locking mechanism which will secure the tuner while driving. The kit has a FM preset button which will store 10 different FM frequencies.

The Stiletto 100 has the ability to receive the Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast of over 120 channels. You need to subscribe for this service and you can enjoy high quality music, sports, news and entertainment. The service is totally free of all commercials and so you can enjoy a constant stream of the best entertainment, available on radio. There are 65 channels devoted to music alone, which play different genres from the latest hits to the oldies. The music is supported by expert information about the song by knowledgeable jockeys. Now you will never miss out on your favourite NBA or NFL games, as the sports channels give a live telecast of each game. The sport channels also keep you updated of the major sporting events round the world by relaying sports news through ESPN. Weather forecasts and traffic news on the other radio channels will alert you of any situations while travelling. Disney and E! Entertainment channels will keep you give you the latest entertainment news and keep you entertained.

The Stiletto 100 has the ability to record 100 hours of the live stream from this amazing radio service. With a one touch recording function you will be able to store 10 hours of individual songs and build up your MP3 library. The device is enabled for WiFi reception and you will be able to receive Sirius internet radio wherever the network is available. The superior media dial of the Stiletto's interface, lets you conveniently scan channels or surf for media files, quickly and easily. With the “My Sirius Studio” software, you will be able to effectively upload and manage your MP3 or WMA files. The Game Alert and My Game Zone functions will enable you to track and list your favourite sports team.