Sirius Radio Listen:

One of the main things that made the cave man into a civilized being is the music. Music has been practiced by humans for many centuries now. Humans have invented various things to produce music. They have even invented various ways to listen to the music produced. One of these ways is the radio service. Radio waves were first invented by Marconi. He used it for communication over very short distances of about few meters. Then various inventions were made which allowed radio signals to be broadcasted over long distances. Then the radio service was commercialized. It was a very important step in making an invention into a commercial product. At first radios were terrestrial in nature. They could cover only short distances of about 40-50kms.they had low signal strength. They offered only very limited type of programs. Then after some years of commercialization of radio TVs were introduced. They provided many dynamic things to the viewers. This reduced people’s interest in radios.

In the early 90s satellite radios were introduced. They had greater signal strength as they were being transmitted from the satellites. They had wide coverage too. They have become very famous world wide. The satellite radio service providing companies would place their satellite in the geostationary orbit of the earth. Then they would transmit the radio signals from the earth to these satellites which would reflect them back to the earth. These reflected signals would be received by satellite radio receivers.
Various companies have been providing this satellite radio service and one of them is the Sirius radio company. It is a company which has moved from terrestrial radio to satellite radio service. They have become very successful in this venture too. They started this satellite radio service venture in 1992 and became operational in 2000s.they have even been listed on the NASDAQ. They have been providing excellent satellite radio service for some years now. Their business model works as follows.
The customer buys the satellite radio and subscribes with Sirius for the channels that he wants to listen. They get most of their revenue through subscriptions and not through ads. So there would be minimum ads in satellite radio service offered by Sirius. There has been a very good reception for Sirius‘s satellite radio service. They have become one of the major satellite radio service providers in the world. They have established themselves very well in North America and are growing around the world. They offer a variety of programs to their listeners. They offer about 70 channels for their customers. They offer various programs ranging from news, sports, films, current affairs, child programs. They offer programs to people of all age groups. They offer their service in various languages. They even offer separate channel for comedy. They have been offering a wide variety of programs through their channels. They have to be said to have revolutionized the satellite radio service industry with their wide variety of programs and innovative business model.