Sirius radio list:

One of the most entertaining inventions of the mankind is the radio. Radio waves are used for transmitting information through the air. The carrier wave is modulated and then the information is placed on top of it and is then broadcasted. The signals can be amplitude modulated or frequency modulated. Ordinary radio has a very limited broadcasting range of a few kilometers. Then after that distance the signal is weakened. This was the case of terrestrial radio. Then came the satellite radio an improvement over the terrestrial radios. this used a technique similar to that of the TVs. it uses a geostationary satellite to transmit the information back to the earth. These signals are first transmitted by the base stations to the satellite. These signals have a wide coverage of about thousands of miles. This is a far more secured technique of transmitting radio waves. The strength of the signals provided by this method is very good. Terrestrial radio services provided programs that were very formal and repetitive. People of the old times loved these programs as there was no alternative to radio. But when the TVs were introduced they provided a wide variety of programs and people got hooked to it. The terrestrial radio had found a very strong competition in the form of the TV. Then the radio technology evolved by learning from TV technology.

The satellite radio service technology is very similar to that of the TV transmission. The programs that are being provided by the satellite radio service are more diverse and interesting than the TV programs. Hence these satellite radio services have gained a lot of popularity. The fan base for these radio services has increased exponentially. The programs provided by the satellite radios are diverse in nature. You name it they have got a program for it. They have programs with little or no ads. Their main source of income is through subscriptions and not through ads.

Sirius radio started its operations in early 2000s and has established itself very well. it has even been listed on various stock exchanges. It provides a lot of radio services in various languages. It provides separate channel for rock, hip-hop, electric. It also provides for country, classical and Christian music. It provides all these music at crystal clear quality. It provides for comedy, sports, news. It even provides for traffic, weather, and religion. It has channels for family, health, entertainment. Some of its famous hip-hop shows are shade45, soul town and hip hop nation. Some famous country music shows are highway, prime country, outlaw country. Real jazz, on Broadway are some famous jazz music shows on Sirius. These programs provided by Sirius are very famous among people. They provide programs for people of all age groups. They provide programs for people of all sections of society. Their stocks have become one of the most sought after in the market because of their good performance over the years. They are continuing to provide a lot of fun to its customers.