Sirius Radio Lifetime Subscription

Sirius satellite radio has been broadcasting over 120 channels for the past seven years, and it is still growing in popularity in the United States and Canada. Sirius has three satellites, and is about to launch a fourth to give its customers the best reception possible. It also has a network of terrestrial Signal Repeaters to give an uninterrupted radio stream even in densely built-up urban areas. People have appreciated the excellent programming of the various channels and Sirius is always trying to improve the programs by getting more exclusive content.

Sirius provides around 69 music channels that are totally commercial-free. They include genres like Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, Classical, Jazz, Christian, Latin and more. The line up of sports channels will give you the best coverage of the different popular American games like NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Soccer, NHL, Horse racing, PGA Tour, College sports and many more. Apart from the play-by-play coverage you will also get to listen to behind the scenes interviews with popular players, team owners and celebrities. The talk shows on Sirius radio are very famous and you will get to hear Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and many other famous personalities. The Entertainment channels include these talk shows, comedy, programs for children and E! Entertainment. On the news channels you will get the latest happenings in the world from trusted reporters of CNN, Fox News, CNBC, BBC and more. You also get regular weather updates and traffic news of major cities.

For providing this excellent radio service, Sirius charges a subscription fee, according to the package you choose and the period you opt for. The fees will be lesser as you choose a longer period of subscription. There is also the Sirius Radio Lifetime Subscription, which gives you all the channels including Sirius Internet Radio for life. The cost is around $500, but you should understand the term “Life” as used in Sirius Radio Lifetime Subscription. Here it actually means your lifetime. But you might ask, what about the life of the radio; can one transfer the subscription to another radio? Sirius has quite a few rules regarding this, as we shall see.

Although the Sirius Radio Lifetime Subscription is based on your lifetime, you can transfer this subscription only 3 times, when your radio stops working. So in effect this subscription is worth the life of 3 radios, but you can listen to Sirius radio on the internet for the rest of your life. Also Sirius charges a transfer fee, from one receiver to the other and from one person to another. The transfer fee in the case of Sirius Radio Lifetime Subscription is $75. If you have got the Sirius Radio Lifetime Subscription, free along with the radio fitted in a new vehicle that you have bought, then you cannot transfer this subscription. If the radio is stolen or is proven to be defective, or is damaged in an accident, only then Sirius will allow a transfer to a new radio, after due consideration. In such cases no transfer fees will be charged by Sirius.