Sirius Radio ID

Satellite technology has revolutionised the radio industry, and you can find one service that can broadcast over a whole continent. Sirius satellite radio has become popular in the United States and currently has more than 18 million subscribers. The company has there powerful satellites in geosynchronous orbits over United States and also a network of terrestrial signal repeaters, that will give you uninterrupted radio stream, in digital quality audio. Sirius provides the best entertainment and information, that one can find on any radio services. The company has spent millions of dollars to get you the best exclusive programs and sports coverages that are available today. You will receive more than 120 channels comprising of music, sports, news, talk and entertainment. There are about 69 channels of commercial-free music, which cover genres like Country, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Christian, Jazz, Dance, Latin and International. Sport channels cover the popular American games like NBA, NFL, College Sports, NASCAR, Horse racing, NHL, Soccer and many more. Entertainment channels cover the popular talk shows, comedy, programs for children and E! Entertainment. News is covered by all the trusted names like Fox News, CNN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg and more. You also get frequent updates on weather and traffic news of the important metro cities.

For providing this excellent service, Sirius charges its customers, subscription fees. You also need a  Sirius satellite radio to receive the signals. As the radio is based on satellite technology, it is essential to mount the radio antenna correctly. The antenna should have a direct line of sight of the sky without any obstructions, to get a clear signal. After you have got the optimal position, you can check the strength of the signal on the signal indicator on your receiver's display. Once the full installation of all the components of your satellite radio is complete, you need to activate your account.

Every Sirius satellite radio has a Sirius Radio ID, printed on the body of the radio or the box. Usually it will be below the bar code, with the letters “SID” followed by a number. This ID/ESN number on your Sirius receiver is important, as Sirius can track your radio through this number to activate it. Once you have installed your radio you can activate it by phone or online. If you choose to activate the radio by phone you will be charged $15 as an activation fee, and the same online is only $10. You will have to first choose the channels package you want to subscribe for, and have a credit card ready to make the payment. The main information that you are asked on the phone or online is your Sirius Radio ID. Once you have given the required information and made your payment you will be asked to tune in channel 184 which is the Weather Channel Radio Network. Once you get your reception, your radio has been successfully activated, and you can enjoy all the channels. The Sirius Radio ID is the main info you will need for activation and while buying any Sirius radio make sure, you know where the Sirius Radio ID number is printed.