SIRIUS Radio Hits

Of all the channels present on SIRIUS XM Radio, the SIRIUS Radio Hits features the hottest music from pop to hip-hop and rock to R&B. This channel is especially aimed at Gen-next and has a host of wonderful programs for entertaining ourselves. Also known as Sirius XM Hits 1, it is the forerunner in playing the most recent music before any other radio service station along with all the popular tracks you prefer right from Nickelback, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Maroon 5 and Fall out Boy and so on. You can get this in the free online trial of Serius radio as well. If you wish to listen to a particular song, you can request for it by sending an email. Or if you are a fan of this channel, share the joy with your friends.

If you visit the SIRIUS Radio Hits web page of the Sirius company website, you can even watch the happening videos of Paula Abdul’s interaction with the Morning Mash Up show team and how the ‘fall out Boy’ band visited the studios for an episode of Artist Confidential. You can treat your eyes to the video of the track “Sugar We’re Going Down” here itself. The American Idol runner up Adam Lambert also had a talk with the Morning Mash Up team which you can view in his video clips. For die-hard Morning Mash Up fans, a link to their new website is included that consists of blogs, videos and much more regarding Ryan, Nicole, Stanley T and Rich.

The usual programs on SIRIUS Radio Hits are as below:

1. Pete Wentz’s Hits and Misses:

This show is aired on weekends and hosted by Pete Wentz from the ‘Fall out Boy’ band. In this show, Pete plays his preferred tracks from Hits 1 and some special numbers from his private playlist too. This program will feature favorite tracks from leading music groups such as The Cab, My Chemical Romance, Kanye West, and Little Wayne. Listeners can participate to identify the “hits” and the “misses” of the future. There also might be some special celebrity appearances on the show that would come to see Pete.

2. The Entertainment:

This show is hosted by Nicole, who also features in the Morning Mash Up. She will brief us on the latest news in music, movies, television, celebrity gossip and the entire pop culture world in a matter of a minute! This way you will save on TV time, money, internet browsing, magazine subscriptions and reading blogs!

3. Sirius Hits 1’s Ear Popping New Music:

In this show of SIRIUS Radio Hits the most recent music will be played every hour. The listing of the week’s offerings is available online.

4. The Wutchuwant “mini” Countdown:

The listeners’ phone, emails and other responses are brought together to play the best three songs for that weekday.

5. The SIRIUS Radio Hits 1 Weekend Countdown:

This show is similar to the previous one and plays the 45 most-wanted songs requested for by the listeners.