Sirius Radio hack:

Radios have been one of the most famous mass entertainers. They have been around for many decades now. it was first used for military communication purposes but evolved into a mass service provider. The thing that made the radio a commercial device was the thought of commercializing it. The initial radios were capable of reaching only very few meters but then due to some inventions broadcasting of radio services was made possible. The first radio services that were introduced were terrestrial in nature. They were transmitted and broadcasted from base stations and reflectors on the earth. These radio signals had a reach of only a few kilometers and the signal would break after a specified distance. Then came the satellite radio service. This satellite radio service was provided through satellites. The companies would place satellites in earth’s orbit and then would send the radio signals from their base stations to these satellites which would reflect back these signals to earth. They could be received using special receivers. This technology was very successful. Radio service was very famous from the time that they were introduced. With great fame come great challenges.

The challenge to the radio industry came in the form of radio signal hacking. These hacking could be done to both radio and TV signals. It would mostly involve hijacking the broadcasted signal and either stop its transmission or change the matter in the message. Analog transmission systems are highly susceptible to hacking. The process goes as follows. The hacker would find the frequency at which the signal is being transmitted from the base to the transmitter. Then he would produce a stronger signal at the same frequency and distort the original signal to the transmitter. In case of digital transmission the signals are encrypted and hence it is difficult to cause problems. In order to cause problems to a digital transmission the hacker must decrypt the code to hack the signal that is being transmitted. Hacking causes a lot of problems and confusion due to faulty information. It causes distrust in the country. In order to prevent hacking most of the countries have very severe penalty for hacking of radio signals. One of the famous radio services providing company is the Sirius radio company. It started of as a terrestrial radio service provider. It was successfully in it. Due to advancement in technology it has transformed itself into a satellite radio service providing company. When the company was working as a terrestrial radio service providing company it had problems of radio hacking. Hackers would try to interfere into Sirius’ radio signals. Most of the time they would fail. Then with advancement in technology Sirius started encrypting their transmission which prevented these hackings. With digitalization of signal these encryptions were possible. The terms and conditions of Sirius Company have terms which state that hacking its signals would lead to judicial enquiry. The Sirius radio company has become one of the most secure radio services providing company because of its ability to upgrade itself according to time.