Sirius Radio Equipment

Sirius radio has been able to provide radio equipment so that listeners can better enjoy the numerous programs available. These equipments are designed to offer a broad lineup so that they can match the diverse programming that is available on Sirius radio. They fall into four major categories.
Portable units are as the name suggest are 100% portable that you can walk around with just as you would a walkman or an iPod. They are designed to generally accept integrated antennas and are able to interface with both vehicle and also home entertainment systems that you have.
These portable radio devices can be used to listen to the various talk shows and also the numerous music channels. With such a unit, a listener can allow for personal recording of programming so that you can enjoy the channels when the reception is poor or there is static.
The Sirius S50 is such an example of very innovative technology which provides the integration of live and time shifted radio content that can be used while carrying. It has a beautiful color screen and voice prompts for safe driving. This is a very personalize radio that keeps you entertained whether you are listening to it or not.
It combines live reception with a portable player which has over 50 hours of content storage which can be replayed when you want to.
Plug and Play units are able to interface or dock so to speak with Sirius car or even home systems to enable you to remove your radio from the vehicle to your home so that you can listen the channels in a more private and undisturbed environment.
There are various types under this and the most notable one is the Sirius One, which has been simplified to allow for versatile mounting and reversible display enabling it to be placed on the visor, dash or console.
Vehicle head units are Sirius radio ready units which can be found on the Eclipse, Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer models. Because of this, they can be found in very many different configurations and features which can suit all kinds of vehicles. They usually require an-add -on module so that you can receive the Sirius programming.
Under this the Alpine IVA-D901, has 7’’ fully motorized wide screen monitor with subwoofer levels control. It also has a 4 channel digital time correcting feature bass center frequency control.
The last set of equipments that Sirius radio is offering so that listeners can enjoy themselves better is the Vehicle Decoder Modules. They specially designed modules which can interface with aftermarket head units which can be found in JVC and Kenwood.
Under this the Sanyo ESR-T100 decoder module, works with Sanyo Sirius ready receivers. With this piece of equipment, one can be able to scan and search for your favorite channels. There is a single cable antenna connection that will help improve the reception to be really good. The built in Sirius chipsets have been designed to help lower power consumption and hence improve the overall performance of the unit.