Sirius Radio Djs

Sirius is the most popular satellite radio service in the United States and Canada, and broadcasts more than 130 channels comprising of music, entertainment, news and sports. The main attraction of this satellite radio service is its high quality and certain exclusive content. Sirius has invested millions of dollars in getting the best personalities in the radio industry, to develop and present their channels. The music channels are the most popular and Sirius has devoted about 69 channels to music. Almost all genres of music are covered by these channels and they include Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Christian, Country, Jazz, Latin, Dance and International. Each of these categories has a number of channels which are devoted to the sub-genres of that particular category, so that every kind of music for that category is fully covered.

Apart from the excellent music, Sirius Radio Djs give an excellent presentation and information about the music which is being played. These Djs are able to set the mood, and deliver a program, which is not just a sequence of songs, but a nice build up of good music. There are Djs for each music program and they are usually musicians themselves of that particular genre, and so they have a deep knowledge of what they are talking about. Sirius has a very good line up of different Djs and they make the programs more interesting.

Marky Ramone is the popular host for the program, Marky Ramone's Punk Rock Blitzkrieg, which is broadcast every saturday night from 10pm to midnight. He is the member of the famous Rock band, The Ramones. Pete and Maura Kennedy professionaly called The Kennedys, are folk-pop recording artists, and they host the program Dharma Cafe on the channel 38. Hot Jamz a popular weekend program on the channel 50, is hosted by MC Lyte, who is a female rap star and has been with Sirius since it began broadcasting in 2002. On Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10pm to midnight  you get to hear DJ Skee who is acclaimed to be the most notorious DJ on the West coast, and will present the Streets of L.A., program. The Violator All Star DJ's are one of the most popular hosts that bring you raw, uncensored hip-hop, right from the streets, in the program called Uncut Radio. For the popular remixes and hottest hip-hop, there is DJ Noodles bringing you Fix Your Face Radio. This program is aired every sunday from midnight to 2am, and DJ Noodles is the official Konvict Muzik DJ and member of Team Pitbull.

We see that Sirius has invested a lot of money in getting so many Djs for each music channel, and each seems to be quite popular in his genre of music. Lately Sirius stocks have plummeted and the company is facing many financial difficulties. In October 2008, Sirius laid off 50 workers, including Djs of channels ranging from oldies to modern rock. Due to the economic downturn, Sirius has implemented a lot of cutbacks and this is one of them. Matt Baldassarri was hosting the Night Prowl show and also played music from the 50s, and was shocked to find himself suddenly without a job.