Sirius Radio Deal

Sirius Satellite Radio started broadcasting in 2002, and revolutionised the world of radio entertainment. Never before had people heard such high quality entertainment from one radio service. People were thrilled to receive more than 120 channels consisting of music, sports, talk, news and entertainment. Since its inception Sirius has continued to grow in popularity, and has always endeavoured to make their programming the best and most exclusive in the radio industry. Sirius spends millions of dollars on various deals with famous artists, hosting personalities and organizations, to get the best programming for its customers. 

Sirius Radio Deal with Howard Stern was the biggest in radio history, and it was for $100 million dollars a year, for 5 years. Howard Stern is a world-renowned personality who revolutionised the talk radio format. He was the no. 1, as the national radio host and in 2004 signed a five year agreement to broadcast on Sirius beginning in 2006. The deal gives exclusive rights to Sirius of Stern's radio show, and has given Stern the right to build three full-time programming channels on Sirius. Howard Stern is now operating two channels and retains the right to a third. Howard Stern broadcasts on channels 100 and 101. The famous Howard Stern Show is from Monday to Thursday at 6am and is repeated through out the day. Daily he invites different, famous guests on his show like Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Paul McCartney, Benecio del Toro, Jimmy Fallon and many more. Howard Stern also creates different games and invites his listeners to take part in them. The games are usually on, social commentary, and he makes them as interesting and fun as possible. 

Another major Sirius Radio Deal was with Martha Stewart in 2005. She created a 24-hour channel exclusively for women, featuring cooking, gardening and other entertaining programs. Channel 112 on Sirius radio is called Martha Stewart Living Radio, and features Martha Stewart and her team of lifestyle experts, who advise, guide and teach on topics like cooking, gardening, wedding plans, entertaining and many more. 

According to a Sirius Radio Deal signed with NASCAR, Sirius became the official satellite radio partner of NASCAR. In 2007 Sirius started a new channel totally devoted to NASCAR. Channel 128 provides an in-depth live coverage of all NASCAR races and also a line up of talk shows hosted by Tony Stewart who is a two time Cup Champion. Sirius now exclusively features the Nextel Cup and the Busch and Craftsman Truck. Apart from the live coverage of races, this channel also takes you behind the scenes into the cars and pits, to cover the different the chatter and talk between the driver and crew and also interviews with team owners and celebrities. 

In 2007, there was a Sirius Radio Deal with California-based Sonos, who are leading developers of wireless multi-room music systems. They developed the Sonos System Software, which delivers Sirius broadcasts all over the house with palm-based controls, once the Sonos Digital Music System is connected to a broadband connection.