Sirius Radio Company:

The company which has established itself in the business of providing satellite radio service is the Sirius Company. It had started the operations for satellite radio service in 1992 and had begun the actual operation of satellite radio service in early is based in US and has its head quarters in New York. It provides about 70 channels ranging from news, cinema, sports etc. the business model of Sirius works as follows. The customer buys the receiver from the company and then subscribes for the connection. Then he can select and pay for the channel that he requires. The main source of revenue for this satellite radio service providing company is the subscription and doesn’t have much revenue from ads. Sirius is very famous and trusted brand of satellite radio service providing company. They offer a variety of products ranging from boom boxes to car radio receivers.
They even provide radios with mp3 capabilities. One of the famous products of Sirius is the satellite radio receiver Sirius 50.the feature of this radio receiver is that it allows you to record about 50 hours of radio program. Then there is special feature called my channel which records programs from 3 of your favorite channels. Then it has another feature called myplaylist which allows you to listen to music according to a preset play list. This feature can be used only when the Sirius 50 is connected to a PC. Sirius 50 even has a home dock which allows you to connect it to a PC or a car. Sirius radio has been providing great musical service for the past many years and has become one of the most renowned satellite radio services providing company.