Sirius Radio Com

Sirius radio com is reputed as offering the ‘Best Radio on Radio’ but how exactly did Sirius radio com get to achieve this fit?
Sirius radio com changed its name on November 1999 from Satellite CD Radio Inc. to Sirius Satellite Radio the word Sirius was adapted from the brightest star in the sky, sometimes known as the ‘Dog Star’. The logo of Sirius radio com is a dog which has been nicknamed ‘Mongo’. The headquarters of Sirius Radio com are in New York, U.S. with smaller offices in other parts of U.S. like Memphis. Officially launched in 2002 July, Sirius broadcasts over 130 channels all over North America. In February 2007, Sirius merged with XM, which was the other leading satellite radio provider in the US.
Before merging with XM, Sirius radio com had 3 satellites orbiting around North America and 1, 100 000 subscribers. XM had 2 satellites which known as rock and roll and a subscriber base of 3, 200, and 000. Sirius Radio Company has some satellites in reserve ready to launch in case something happens to any of its satellites in the sky. These satellites orbit the US. Each satellite is always orbiting the US for at least 16 hours everyday. A satellite always has to be orbiting over the US at any given time
Sirius radio com is the leading satellite radio company that broadcasts commercial free information to its subscribers. Sirius radio com gives its subscribers the option of listening to high quality diversified radio stations unlike free local programming radio at affordable pricing.
Sirius radio com manufactures and provides its subscribers with a large option of satellite radio accessories that offer dynamic solutions to meet the listening needs of its customer base. From home kits to car and portable options listened to in any way imaginable. This makes Sirius Radio Company versatile because it can be listened to anywhere at any time. The Sirius radio com accessories are usually priced competitively and easily available. They also look good physically and are of high quality. Moreover, Sirius Radio Company is always trying to stay one step ahead and come up with new technologically advanced accessories that will make accessing Sirius satellite radio easier. You can always be sure to get a Sirius satellite accessory for every aspect of your life.
One advantage that Sirius Radio Company has over the terrestrial stations is the excellent quality CD sound. Without using a transmitter every few miles, it is difficult to get such quality sound from terrestrial radio stations.
Sirius Radio Company has been involved in partnerships with other companies. For instance the US Telematics which specializes in creating Wi-Fi hot spots in cars. The US Telematics helps in boosting wireless in cars. What this basically means is that this improves satellite radio reception in vehicles and makes it possible to enjoy other services such as internet and free DVD services.  Sirius has also partnered with car manufactures such as Chrysler to have Sirius satellite radio installed in their cars. This definitely attracts more clients to Sirius radio com products.
Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna
To have good satellite radio reception in your vehicle, you need to have Sirius satellite radio antenna installed. The Sirius satellite radio antenna works by attracting to signals from the satellite that are orbiting over the earth to your radio and terrestrial repeaters that are set all over the US. In order to do this, the antenna must have clear unobstructed view from the satellites orbiting in space. The Sirius satellite radio antennas are usually tuned to the specific frequency used by the radio provider. Your only duty is to find the best positioning to allow your antenna to work as close to 100% as possible. Your Sirius satellite radio antenna should always have a magnet at its end.
Finding Sirius satellite radio antenna positioning in your car might be a bit tricky. You will have to try out a few spots first before you find the one that works best. One of the best places to locate you Sirius satellite radio antenna is the dashboard. This generally works for the most part. However, at times it might not work as the satellite radio signals could be bouncing of the roof of your car since your satellite radio is located inside the car. On the roof of your car is your best bet to place your Sirius satellite radio antenna. This is because there are no obstructions. This enables the antenna to get maximum satellite signals.
The magnet at the end of you Sirius satellite radio works best when you are installing your radio on an external part of your car. This is because the magnetic part makes the whole of the sheet metal it is attached to an extension of an antenna. This helps in increasing better reception for the satellite radio. The antenna currents of your car serve to enhance the receptivity of your Sirius satellite radio antenna. Not all parts of your vehicles sheet metal work the same, you will have to search and find the optimum spot. Again the metal sheets differ from vehicle to vehicle.
Make sure that the cable of your Sirius satellite radio antenna is well wired. Try as much as possible to ensure that it is not rolled up or has kinks as this may interfere with signal reception even though the Sirius satellite radio antenna is well positioned.
If you have positioned your Sirius satellite radio antenna well and you are not still getting good radio reception, try changing the positioning of your receiver. Try various spots since the receiver can also affect the quality of your satellite radio reception.
Most home and car plug and play kits usually come with Sirius satellite radio antenna aiming screens. This makes it easy for you to find the best signals. There are a wide range of Sirius satellite radio antennas available. Most of them come with flexible installation options. Your choice on which Sirius satellite radio antenna you want depends on your taste and where you intend to use your satellite radio. Sirius Company also offers free guides on the best mounting positions for your antenna.