SIRIUS Radio Channels

One thing that strikes us about a SERIUS radio is SIRIUS radio channels that have a wide variety and offer something for everybody. You can listen to an exhaustive list of sound tracks, news items, sports scores and updates, traffic situations and marine weather updates through more than 120 channels on this radio. The songs are available from every genre possible and liked by the listeners. Other than this standard feature, this radio service also boasts of artist-branded radio channels that play songs or programs of a specific performer or expert only. For instance, Seriously Sinatra is committed to Frank Sinatra’s illustrious career.

Let us have a look at the different SIRIUS radio channels characteristic of a typical Serius radio:

Category: Music

a. Pop

1. SIRIUS XM Hits 1: This channel plays the top 40 hits.
2. The Blend: It plays adult hit tracks.
3. SIRIUS XM Love: The much-loved adult love songs are broadcasted.
4. 40s on 4: The forties pop hits from the Big Band are played.
5. 50s on 5: This channel is meant for the earliest ten years of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
6. 60s on 6: Plays sixties pop hits.
7. 70s on 7: This channel caters to the vintage 1970’s old tracks.
8. 80s on 8: The pop songs of the 1980s are played.
9. 90s on 9: Hit songs from the 1990s are broadcasted.
10. BBC Radio1: It plays recent music from the UK.
11. The Pulse: It plays 90s hits and current favorites.
12. Elvis Radio: This is one of those branded SIRIUS radio channels that plays Elvis Presley round the clock.

b. Rock

1. E Street Radio: This channel plays Bruce Springsteen all the time.
2. Classic Vinyl: Plays 1960s and 1970s classic rock.
3. Classic Rewind: It plays classic rock music from the 1970s and 1980s.
4. Deep Tracks: It plays deep classic rock music.
5. Jam ON: It is dedicated to Jam Bands.
6. The Spectrum: It plays adult album rock songs.
7. Boneyard: This is dedicated to hard and heavy classic rock.
8. Octane: It plays the latest hard rock.

In the entertainment section of SIRIUS radio channels there are myriad offerings for listeners. In fact, you also have Playboy radio that broadcasts adult content! Then you have Howard Stern’s channels- Howard 100 and Howard 101. For those who want to hear what celebrity hosts say and get advice on lifestyle, there is the SIRIUS XM Stars channel. For comedy enthusiasts, there are Blue Collar Radio, Raw Dog Comedy, Laugh USA and the Foxxhole channels. Gays and lesbians can avail of the SIRIUS OutQ channel that is especially meant for people like them.

Martha Stewart will guide you with tips and the How-to for day-to-day living on her channel Martha Stewart Living Radio channel. If you are concerned about your family’s health, there is Doctor Radio, Radio Disney and Kids Place Live. There is so much that SIRIUS radio channels offer you that anybody would be spoilt for choice!