SIRIUS Radio Canada

SIRIUS Radio Canada is the result of the partnership between Sirius, Slaight Communications and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that happened in November 2004. All three companies mentioned above submitted an application for a joint venture to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications commission to launch SIRIUS radio in Canada. This request was through on 16 June, 2005. But some broadcasting groups opposed it as they felt the radio service would have lesser Canadian programs in French. After heated arguments and opposition to this, Sirius Canada was finally launched on 1 December 2005 for the listeners.

Sirius radio was already popular in the United States due to its commercial-free programming and wide range of channels. The listeners in Canada got all these benefits with content relevant to Canada’s music and performers. This is a private radio service company having its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The President and CEO position is graced by Mark Redmond. It is interesting to know that XM Radio Canada that is the tough competitor for Sirius is not a private company. The terms of service for Sirius Canada mention that at least 8 Canadian production channels and the distribution of at the most nine American services are permitted for each Canadian channel.

SIRIUS Radio Canada varies in programming as well as on some other aspects from Serius US. When Sirius Canada was started the new listeners had to register themselves and activate the service by calling on a telephone number. There was no online activation facility. Presently, new users are able to do online activation, but by paying some charges for the same. Of course, the option of telephonic activation is still there if you wish. Since 2006, Serius Canada has been letting online streaming of material to its members.

When it comes to buying a radio set for SIRIUS Radio Canada service you can choose between different categories such as Plug and Play Radios, Portable radios, home systems, vehicle solutions. There is a separate range for Sirius accessories as well. The most popular model seems to be the Sportster 5 that has a lovely color screen, easy navigation, sophisticated features and all those things required for having a great experience in your car or truck. Another latest offering is the Starmate 5 for car audio systems. It has wide, blue screen that is very convenient to view due to push-button technology for navigation.

The accessories section of the SIRIUS Radio Canada displays the Speaker Dock that costs about $130. It is trendy, refined and handy. This speaker delivers a crystal-clear stereo quality sound when accompanied with a matching plug and play radio. This dock will improve the looks of your home or official setup. The handle is not revealed and it also works on battery power. All these features make it the best portable speaker to take along.

You can also take a week-long trial of the SIRIUS Radio Canada to start with. This Canadian radio service has channels dedicated to music, sports, news, entertainment and special shows produced in Canada.