Sirius Radio Alt Nation

The popularity of Sirius satellite radio is because of its superior programming and high quality of its audio reception. Sirius has more than 18 million subscribers and the list keeps growing. The radio service provides its customers with over 120 channels comprising of music, sports, talk, news and entertainment. These channels have the best performing artists and famous personalities hosting different shows. You will get an excellent coverage of sports and also regional, local and international news. There are popular talk shows, comedy programs, debates, interviews, children's programming, news and information of the box office and Hollywood and many more interesting programs. 

Sirius has 69 music channels and they cover genres like Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Classical, Country, Christian, Jazz, Latin, Dance and International. The channel 21 is a popular radio station of Sirius, called Alt Nation. This channel is devoted to all forms of alternative rock music. From the latest to the best alt rock of the past, this channel covers everything. You will get to hear The Racounteurs, The Bravery, Foo Fighters, Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and many more. This channel started with the launch of Sirius Satellite Radio, and in those days it used to play songs of the 70s and from February 2009 their playlist contained, alternative rock of 1990s and 2000s. From spring of 2009, this channel stopped playing most of the 1990s playlist and concentrated on songs from 2000 onwards and more of the latest ones. 

Sirius Radio Alt Nation has developed a “device”, called the Alt-Nation New Music Radar, which identifies new talent in the Alt Rock world, and presents to you the latest music, before you can hear it anywhere else. All day long you will keep hearing new bands and music, which might be the next big thing in the Rock world.

On Mondays 11pm, there is the famous program, Submission>>Transmission with StabWalt, on Sirius Radio Alt Nation. This program is also rebroadcast on Thursday 3am and Saturday 9am. This program is hosted by the StabWalt who is the former member of Stabbing Westward. He is popular for creating and identifying innovative alternative rock music, and on this program he presents the latest and newest of his finds in alternate rock music. 

The Alt-18 – Most Requested Countdown, is every Saturday at 1pm, and rebroadcasted on Sundays at 3, 4 and 10pm and on Mondays at 10am. You can select a song of alternative rock which you like best and email them at . This program will choose the most requested songs, and play them in a count down, to come to the best new alternative rock music, selected by the listeners. 

Sirius Radio Alt Nation has also got a program called Boombox Radio With Liquid Todd, that is broadcasted every Saturday between 10pm and Midnight and on Wednesday from 2am to 4am. In this program the DJ Liquid Todd, will present new and cutting edge electro bands from around the world, remixes the favourite alternative rock music.