Sirius Radio 2:

One of the most fascinating devices that provide music is the radio. It was basically invented for the purpose of communication between people. But eventually it has transformed into a mass service. The greatest business improvement as far as radio is concerned is its commercialization. The working of a radio service is a simple process. The carrier wave is modulated then information is placed on it and transmitted. The amplitude can be modulated or the frequency can be modulated leading to AM and FM signals. Then the transmitted wave is received using special receivers called radio receivers. These types of radios were very famous for some decades but with the introduction of TV their popularity got diminished. The ordinary radio had some inconveniences. They had a limited range. The signals were weak and the programs provided by these radio companies were one-dimensional and people got bored of them. Then a technology change occurred. That was the introduction of satellite radios. They had greater coverage and signal strength than ordinary radios. The satellite radio service providers had placed satellites on the geostationary orbit of the earth. The radio signals were transmitted from the base station to the satellite which reflected it back to the earth. These reflected signals were received by satellite radio receivers.