Sirius Radio 1

Sirius satellite radio 1 is a BBC radio branch which plays an irresistible mix of rock, pop, R&B and hip hop, with interviews which have a British touch making to be amongst the most popular channels of over the 130 stations that one can get at Sirius satellite radio.
Sirius signed the radio agreement with BBC so that they could be able to carry Radio 1 in the U.S. and give listeners another exciting station to listen to. Radio 1 which is very famous in supporting British upcoming artistes is a very unique entertainment channel offering some of the best music in the industry.
Radio 1 which has a very strong presence in the U.K., has been fundamental in making inroads into the almost impenetrable U.S. music market bringing British music to the United States. The radio station can be heard across the country. The country will be able to broadcast on Sirius satellite radio on a time shift basis since the two countries are on different time zones. This is to ensure that listeners get to enjoy all their favorite programs uninterrupted.
You will be able to get all the latest news as they unfold, which is brought by radio 1’s team of journalists who are dedicated in giving you incisive and unbiased reporting so that you will be kept updated on what is happening. The daytime shows are all about adventure and magic. You can get to listen to the interview on Harry Potter stars and learn more about them. The Harry Potter day is all about interacting with the stars and calling to ask questions you may have waned to ask them but couldn’t find the chance to do so.
You can also listen to Radio 1 podcasts no matter where you are on your MP3 player. You can download the podcast and then transfer it to the MP3 player, or alternatively you can listen through you or computer. For those who don’t understand what podcasting is, then you can get more information about it on the BBC information about podcasting. You can then enjoy listening to Radio 1 entertainment news which brings you the top ten showbiz news, gossip and star interviews from all over the world. Also available is the Radio 1 Indie weekly and Radio 1 Dance weekly which has album reviews and DJ recommendations for the most listened songs in the world.
Hip Hop and R&B lovers can get to enjoy their music choice by listening to Trevor Nelson do his thing. Trevor Nelson 1Xtra show is very popular as the host also has a show on MTV playing and doing some of the best Hip Hop interviews. Sirius satellite radio’s incorporation of this UK radio station has indeed increased the audience it covers as most music lovers appreciate the diversity of the songs played and they would also like to sample and listen to some of the upcoming British artistes whose music Radio 1 promotes as a matter of their internal policy. Listening to Sirius Radio 1 is very exciting and informative.