Sirius Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio has been creating a revolution among the customers to offer commercial free music! This would be so soothing for the people who get irritated when a diaper ad interrupts their favorite program. Sirius has been the leading provider of satellite radios.


Space systems/Loral manufacture the Sirius’ spacecraft and its satellites are named RadioSat. There are 4 vehicles in the series. Three of them were orbited in 2000 while the fourth one is a ground spare. The uplink facility is available in Vernon, Sussex County, New Jersey. Geo stationary orbits are yet to be used by Sirius.


Sirius Satellite Radio Receivers are available for various receivers across the market. It has also made exclusive contracts with certain automobile manufacturers for a lifetime subscription.
It also manufactures receivers for special purposes like Star mate replay, Sirius one etc.
The Receivers can be connected to an antenna which is vital for clarity of signals. In case of disrupted signals, antennas can be used. The position of the antenna must be well determined for better signal clarity.

Radios from Sirius

Sporster5 is a plug and play radio from Sirius. Another popular radio is the Sirius Stiletto 100 which is a portable radio allowing listeners to live programs. It has a 2 GB memory and has 30 hours of battery life. Compatibility with Wi-Fi which enables the user to stream music from the internet when the signal is not clear makes it popular. The feature light version of this is the Sirius Stiletto 10 which does not offer Wi-Fi, mp3 and has less storage space.

The Internet Radio
The internet radio feature was announced by Sirius in October 2006.Previously there were constraints that demanded listeners to have satellite receivers to listen to the channels by logging in using a special password. But the innovations in satellite radio has allowed user to listen to the channels without any receivers. Thus the need to buy satellite receivers is eliminated. This is an internet-only subscription and is operated at 32 Kbits/s and allows worldwide listeners to listen to their favorite tunes. The number of users can be expanded by adding additional channels via WiFi. 

Media Streaming Options

It is possible for the subscribers of Sirius satellite radio to view their favorite programs online via the streaming media. There are browser based players like yahoo widget available for great listening and the Sirius Internet Radio player is based on windows media player. These listeners are getting popular among the users and the updating of artists information is really a tremendous improvement! There are different players for different operating systems and Siphie can be used with the Linux operating systems. In addition to these players there are Java applications that are used to stream two stern-themed channels.

Listening content

Sirius offers a good variety of listening content to its subscribers. It caters to all the needs of the subscribers. There are various famous hosts for the Sirius which includes many sportsmen. The content is very lively and the uninterrupted service along with internet support makes Sirius satellite radio to shine!