Sirius Radio

SIRIUS Radio is the latest trend to hit the avid radio fans. SIRIUS has transformed the entire experience of listening to music, sports updates, news bits and entertainment. The company is based in New York’s Rockefeller Center where it also has its corporate hub. It is interesting to know that SIRIUS broadcasts 69 channels playing music that are not interrupted with any ads in between. Along with this it also has many more unique channels dedicated to sports, discussions, entertainment, traffic news, weather forecasts and information totaling 130.

All the listeners from any coast in the United States can subscribe to this superb listening encounter. Moreover, the SIRIUS Radio service works well in your car, truck, home, office, shop and out in the woods too. It is great news for sailors as they can entertain themselves even if they are 200 miles away from the shore! This top quality radio programming is possible due to three satellites specially installed for circling over the US. This way you get a crisp and clear service.

Did you know that SIRIUS Radio does not have even a single commercial in its programs? Yes, it is 100% commercial-free. The best thing is that it encompasses almost every kind of music that includes heavy metal, hip-hop to country music, dance, Latin, jazz, classical and so on. Then there are exclusive channels reserved for various music divas like Elvis® Radio or the Grateful Dead or Seriously Sinatra.

Every one of this channel is designed and hosted by the employees of SIRIUS in collaboration with other musicians and music stars. The staff includes professionals in music and is greatly benefited by the skills and know-how of the musicians while developing a channel. This way the listeners are assured of unmatched playlists, expert views and knowledge from time to time.

You will find famous names such as Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, CNBC, CNN, BBC World Service, Radio Disney and NPR entertaining the subscribers on 65 different channels for sports, discussions, news, weather etc on SIRIUS Radio. The radio service has many shows based on comedy, public affairs, trucking life, arts and the complete political gamut in the US. 24x7 weather and traffic updates are offered for the foremost twenty traffic hubs of US.

Did you know that SIRIUS Radio is also into sports radio programming? You can get a comprehensive account of over 350 professional, college and motorsports teams for various tournaments like NFL, NASCAR, UEFA Champions League Soccer, Barclays English Premier League Soccer, the Scottish Premier League Soccer, F1 Racing and numerous other college teams. Along with this you can also experience the thrill of the year’s best thoroughbred horse-racing events…without having to spend a fortune!

SIRIUS Radio is also available online in the form of SIRIUS Internet Radio or SIR that works without the need for a radio. You must check out this hot new radio service that has hosted live interviews and performances with biggies like Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Bill Cosby, Nelly Furtado to name a few.