SIRIUS Portable Satellite Radio

There is no one fixed place where you listen to your radio as you might feel like entertaining yourself anywhere. The SIRIUS portable satellite radio is a good option for those who wish to be updated on the latest traffic, news or weather conditions on the move. This way you don’t have to miss out on anything even if you are not at home. The portable radio implies you can simply carry it from one place to another and make it work wherever it is installed again. The fact that Serius radio has totally uninterrupted content without any nuisance of ads makes this kind of radio highly desirable.

The combination of the SIRIUS portable satellite radio and your private MP3 music playlist is a breakthrough in technology and allows the listener to have a fantastic time entertaining himself. And all this is possible in any location wherever you travel! SIRIUS radio offers numerous channels with wide-ranging variety to suit the needs of all kinds of listeners. There are several channels especially dedicated to pop music, rock music, news, adult content and not to forget- some gay content as well. Then you can also have lifestyle gurus like Martha Stewart offering valuable advice on the usual things to do in life. There is Howard Stern who hosts programs on two channels.

The radio company Sirius has some choices when it comes to buying your SIRIUS portable satellite radio. You can buy the Stiletto 2 Radio model that is on sale. This model includes the radio set and vehicle kit as well. It is compatible with ‘the Best of XM’ channel that plays the popular programs on XM radio. The Stiletto 2 costs about $245 after discount. You can also buy it as a gift for somebody and have it delivered to him or her. When you buy this radio, you will have to select the membership plan of your choice for three months, six months or a year. You have the freedom to buy the set without any subscription amount as well.

The Stiletto model of the SIRIUS portable satellite radio is sleek and good-looking. It starts working as soon as you plug it in the home dock, in the car audio system and even on a flight! It is able to record about 100 hours of programming. You can simply decide which channel you wish to listen to from various categories such as music, news, lifestyle, weather or traffic. This radio can be connected to internet radio via Wi-Fi for a seamless experience.

The SIRIUS portable satellite radio is easy to install and you must first sign up on the company website for the same after selecting a plan. Since this radio also allows you to play your personal choice of MP3 songs, there is greater flexibility in using the radio. No wonder it has become the trusted friend and companion for so many people traveling around the globe. You must check it out today and begin a fresh listening experience!