Sirius Portable Satellite Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio service has been broadcasting excellent programming content since 2002. It has got a lot of exclusive programs and sports channels that are not available on any other service. The popularity of this service has grown since its inception and many people prefer this service in comparison to AM/FM channels and do not mind paying a monthly subscription fee.

In keeping with the popularity of this service various audio equipment companies have come out with excellent models of Sirius Portable Satellite Radio. These radios are very sleek and compact but high on features. Most of the models are equipped with a player where you can store and play MP3 and WMA files on the go. The radio also is equipped with a recording function which lets you record live radio, and enables you to pause, rewind and replay a live stream. These radios can be played in your vehicle and also at your home, provided you have attached the required docking kits.  These radios do not have a built-in antenna, and so you cannot receive a live stream on the go, although you can listen to recorded streams and the stored audio files.

The Sirius Portable Satellite Radio comes in different models like Stiletto 2, S50, Stiletto 100 and the Stiletto 10. All these models are very sleek and come with a variety of features. The Stiletto 10 lets you listen to all the Sirius channels and is also compatible to receive The Best of XM as well. This radio comes with earbud headphones, a headset antenna, standard slim batteries, PC cable, My Sirius Studio software and an AC power adapter. The headphones are able to give an output of 20mW at 16 ohms. The front panel of this radio sports a large and bright, full-color display screen. There is a media dial below the screen for easy navigation of channels and scanning the various categories. This radio has the capacity to store up to 10 hours of live programming with its built-in memory. There is a function by which you will be able to schedule a recording, so that you will never miss your favourite programs. The radio is intuitive and it will automatically start recording the programs you listen to most. You will be able to pause, rewind and replay up to 60 minutes of live radio. It has the Game Alert function which will alert you whenever your favourite team is going to play. With the My GameZone you can list all your favourite teams in one category. Different types of docking and personal accessories are available so that you can enjoy this radio in your vehicle or home or anywhere in between. This model is available for around $150, and is the cheapest among the Sirius Portable Satellite Radios.

The Stiletto 2 is the most superior model and comes at a price of around $250 to $300, depending on the extra kit that you buy along with the radio. The radio has all the advanced features and you can extend its memory with the microSD memory card support.