SIRIUS Portable Radio

When you have the freedom to listen to songs anywhere with the SIRIUS portable radio, you simply stop worrying even if you have to travel. You can dock it in your car entertainment system or hear it on a plane or just relax listening to it at home. Basically the whole feeling that you can entertain yourself anywhere is wonderful. Not only can you play your favorite music but also be updated on the news, expert views, and weather and traffic situations. The Stiletto 2 is a preferred model in the portable range of Serius radios. It is compatible with the ‘Best of XM’ channel and plays the hits from that channel for you.

Let us have a look at some of the features of the SIRIUS portable radio.

§ One compact radio fits in your MP3 music playlists plus the radio service. This means you can tune in to your personal music tracks whenever and wherever you are. If there is some good radio program that you wish to hear, simply switch to the channel that is broadcasting that program.

§ In case you are busy and not able to listen to some show on a channel, nothing to worry. You can schedule the recording of this program in the portable radio that is capable of recording a maximum of hundred hours of programming. This can include your favorite songs, news or other shows.

§ You can also save about ten hours of separate songs from the music programs broadcasted on SIRIUS portable radio by pressing the “Love” button on the set.

§ Using Wi-Fi network easily available, listeners can enjoy the regular or exclusive Sirius internet radio.

§ A microSD memory card slot is provided in the SIRIUS portable radio for you to save and playback your private collection of MP3 songs on a memory card.

§ You can avail of a matching online music service to mark your much-loved tracks that you plan to purchase sometime. You can even download these songs after they are bought online.

§ The portable radio has a unique feature known as “SIRIUS Replay: Pause” that allows the listener to halt the live radio, then rewind it and replay the program. It can save up to one hour of such live programs on radio.

§ You can also store many hours of recent Serius programming broadcasted from your preferred SIRIUS music streams using the Radio Replays feature. This stored content can be heard anytime.

§ There is a personalized sports ticker, sports alert and My game zone offered with the SIRIUS portable radio for keeping an account of your much-loved sports.

§ This radio incorporates SRS TruBass and 3D Focus technology for enhanced listening.

§ Parents can lock certain channels that are not suitable for kids’ hearing and unlock them whenever needed.

§ The SIRIUS portable radio has a wide, colorful display with an improved media dial for easy channel browsing.

It is all dependent on the listener how he makes the most of his SIRIUS portable radio!