Sirius Portable

Sirius is a Satellite Radio service, and is a company which manufactures radios and tuners which is capable of receiving Sirius Satellite Radio. The company has been manufacturing many different types of tuners and radios for home, vehicle and boats. Since 2006 the company has come out with different models of portable radios, that are sophisticated and very sleek.

The Stiletto 2 is a Sirius Portable device which is a combination of Sirius radio and a storage for MP3 music. This gives a new definition to portable audio entertainment, as you are able to enjoy over 120 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio and also have your own personal MP3 music library. This radio is versatile as you can add microSD for more memory, or have other accessories so that you can have the radio perform in your vehicle or home systems.

The Sirius Portable device, Stiletto 2 is packed with a lot of features and functions. The “Love” button lets you record your favourite songs from the live radio, commercial-free stream. You can schedule and record 100 hours of your favourite shows and programs or music. The device is WiFi enabled and you can listen to the Standard or Premium Sirius Internet Radio, wherever the WiFi network is available. The radio will be able to play MP3, WMA and PlayForSure content. With this device you can pause and replay 60 minutes of live content of the broadcast. The device ensures you always have something great to listen to, by allowing you to store hours of fresh programming automatically from your favourite Sirius music channels, with the Radio Replays feature.

Sirius has signed deals with Yahoo and other online music services, for purchasing of music. So when, listening to a song on the Stiletto, you can bookmark and buy a song, which can be later downloaded on to your computer when you sync both the stiletto and your computer. The microSD card support on the Stiletto lets you create your own personal music library of MP3 songs.

The Sirius Portable radio Stiletto 2 has SRS TruBass and 3D Focus technologies, which will enhance your listening experience, and take it to a new level. The radio has a Personalised Sports Ticker by which you can track the progress of your favourite team, on the Sirius sports channels. The Sports Alert and My Game Zone features will alert you to your favourite team's game, and keep a track of your favourite games and players. Parental controls allow you to lock certain channels from being heard. You can also unlock the channels that you have blocked.

The radio has a user friendly interface with an enhanced media dial, and a bright color screen, which makes surfing channels and media files very easy and quick. The Stiletto 2 comes with a complete kit that includes, earbuds, headset antenna, battery, an AC power adapter, a PC cable and “My Sirius Studio” software. You can add more accessories so that you can have the same listening experience in your car, home or office.