Sirius Mobile Radio

Listeners of Sirius radio can now tune into their favorite stations and through the new Windows Mobile platform both the MS Smartphone and a pocket PC, which has been added more features to include real-time display of the information that the current station is playing.
With these new windows phones you can listen to your favorite songs, sports news and also what’s happening in the entertainment world. In the beginning of the satellite radio revolution it was not possible to listen to Sirius radio in any windows mobile, because of the huge number of channels that are available as each of the channels required that authentication be given so that you can be able to enjoy listening and the passing of a special token to the specific URL.
Since the generally used method of opening a radio live stream is not working, a front end that accepts the user name and password has been used to build the proper dynamic URL, which is ultimately passed on to Windows /media player. SiriuCe is such software that enables you to listen to music from your mobile phone.
Although Sirius does not offer all the radio channels under its stable online, those which are available can be listened to through your Windows Mobile for pocket pc. Most people do have Sirius radio receiver and because of this, the pocket pc makes it possible for you to carry and listen to Sirius radio over the internet anywhere.
To be able to activate this and enjoy to the wide variety of music and talk shows available on Sirius radio, then you would need to ensure that there is internet connection to your Pocket PC, which can be either through the cellular network or by the Wi-Fi system.
After ensuring that you have internet connection, then you can proceed to open and click “tools” to check on the live talk radio streams. You can then tap on the download icon to install the Sirius Pocket PC so that it can be seen in the programs folder.
You will then tap on SiriuCE for the launch of empty fields, and then you enter your Sirius user name and password and click the Init button, which will then fill the category box. Select the category of your choice and the genre and lastly the channel which you would like to listen to.
The first time you may get an error message but you ought to persist and you will be able to listen to live streaming of your most preferred channels. Because most people own a Sirius radio receiver, they can through the purchase of a Pocket PC be able to enjoy even more possibilities because you ca carry it anywhere you go and listen to Sirius radio over the internet.
Most of the young and savvy people prefer this because they can enjoy listening and still perform other functions since most people have receivers on their vehicles and homes