Sirius Mini Tuner

The Sirius Satellite Radio has become very popular in mainland United States. It has over 120 channels of broadcast that gives you the best in music, sports, entertainment and news. Different genres of music streams are available in 65 channels, along with the best information regarding the music being played. The sport channels relay the latest in all the NFL and NBA games, plus it will also keep you up to date regarding the major sports news from around the world. The entertainment channels include the popular Disney and E! Entertainment. News comes to you from the famous channels like Fox News, CNBC and many more. This radio service is a must have, whether you are at home, office or travelling. You need a subscription of this service along with a Sirius Tuner to be able to enjoy all the channels.

Sirius Tuners come in many sizes and the compact ones are especially easy to install and set up. The  Starmate 4 Radio with vehicle kit is one such tuner which will enable you to receive quality Sirius channels in your vehicle or home. You can easily move this radio from your vehicle and connect it with docking kits or audio systems at home. The dimensions for this device is only 124.2mm x 48.5mm x 16mm, and can be called a Sirius Mini Tuner.

The Starmate 4 tuner radio looks very sophisticated and has a blue, wide-screen display, that is easy to view and use. It comes with the universal docking capability which will let you connect accessories so that you can enjoy the radio service through your home theater system or in another vehicle. The device has an FM transmitter by which you can receive the audio output through your vehicle's headset. The Sirius Replay feature, will let you pause, rewind and play live radio of up to 44 minutes. The interface of this tuner is very convenient to use, as it has push-button navigation, so that you can surf channels very easily. You can preset 30 of your favourite channels on this device, and it also has a one-touch jump button which will give to direct access to any, one channel which is important to you like weather, local traffic or any other favourite channel.

This Sirius Mini Tuner is packed with features, that will make sure you do not miss out on any of your favourite music or programs. The S-Seek alert function will let you program the tuner so that it will alert you whenever your favourite song, artist or sport is available on any channel. The Game Alert function keeps a track of your favourite sports team, and the My GameZone will list all your favourite teams in one category. There are parental controls also available on the device by which you can lock and unlock channels.

The vehicle kit that comes along with the Starmate 4 Radio makes it very easy for you to install this radio in your vehicle. The kit comprises of the dock with suction cups and vent mounts, a remote control, AC power adapter, a satellite antenna with a magnetic mount and an FM extender antenna.