Sirius Home Tuners

Sirius Satellite Radio is a premium service with over 120 channels featuring the best in music, sports, news and entertainment. If you want to enjoy this broadcast you have to subscribe for the service and have a tuner to receive the broadcast. For your home theater or home audio system, there are different, Sirius Home Tuners available in the market.

The Polk Audio Sirius SRH1000 Home Tuner, is a tuner which can be fully integrated into your existing home theater system. This tuner has many advanced features and comes with a sleek new look. Its front panel graphical display can give you a 6 line display of information regarding the song, artist and channel. The RS232 output enables you to seamlessly connect to your home theater systems. The channel information can be viewed from your TV screen or from the display on your video. You will be able to navigate and control the tuner, from a graphical on-screen interface. It has a unique feature called “Sirius Replay”, by which you can pause, rewind and replay live radio of up to 44 minutes.

This Sirius Home Tuner has other unique features like S-Seek Alert, GameAlert and My GameZone. The S-Seek Alert, is a feature which will alert you whenever your favourite song, or artist, that you have saved, is available on any of the broadcasting channels. GameAlert will let you know when your favourite team is about to play. My GameZone will give you real time updates of your favourite sports.

This tuner is designed to give you the best high definition audio and its outputs include the optical digital and RCA analogue. There is a wireless remote, a clock, sleep timer, alarm, channel scan, and channel lock features, all packed into this amazing tuner. You can preset 30 of your favourite channels on the tuner and it also has a scheduler function, by which it will start playing the specified station at a specified time. The one-touch Jump button will allow you to go directly to the traffic or weather channel or anyone of your favourite channel. The tuner provides you with parental controls where you can lock and unlock channels.

This tuner enables you to connect the SiriusConnect Home Tuner or the SiriusConnect Home Dock to itself and your two-zone audio system, so that you can listen to two different Sirius Radio channels in two different rooms at the same time.

The SiriusConnect SCH1 Home Tuner is an easy add-on device to your Sirius-ready home A/V receivers, to receive the Sirius Satellite Radio service. This is not a stand-alone device and has to be connected to your receiver or home theater system. Its compact in size and can be controlled through your receiver's control panel. The tuner itself has some indicator lights to update you, on its performance. It includes everything for a easy and quick set up. If your receiver is not Sirius-ready you will have to connect a Wireless Display Controller, which will act as a Sirius interface between your receiver and the tuner.