Sirius Home Tuner

The Sirius Satellite Radio service is worth having as it gives you a totally new experience in listening to a radio. The service is packed with 130 radio channels which will provide you with constant music, entertainment, sports and news. This service is available through a paid subscription and can be accessed anywhere in mainland United States. Hawaii and Alaska are not covered. There are 65 music stations that not only provide you with many genres of music, but also their expert jockeys will give you all the information regarding the song, or piece of music which is being played. Most of the sport games of NBA and NLF are covered by their sports channel and you will get a running commentary of these games. The sports channel will also provide you with sports news from around the globe, from popular sources like ESPN. Disney and E! Entertainment are the famous channels to keep you entertained.

Once you have subscribed to this service you will need the Sirius home tuner to receive the channels on your home theater system or any other Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready receivers. This tuner will effectively integrate seamlessly into your audio system and will give you an analog or digital, high definition audio output, through your receiver's speakers. The tuner comes as a complete package and is very easy to set up as it has all the components that you will need. All the required cables, brackets, connectors, screws and antenna are included in the package.

The tuner is a compact and sleek component that will fit in to your sound system. The Sirius Home Tuner is mountable on a wall or panel, or you can just place it flat among your other audio equipments. The supplied 8-pin DIN cable will connect the tuner to your Sirius-ready home theater system or receiver set. The power requirements for the tuner is met by this cable, which supplies it the power through your receiver. One end of this cable will go into the audio-in jack on your receiver. Some receivers may not be able to supply the power, and for which the tuner kit has an AC adapter, which can be used in such a situation.

The antenna which is provided is an outdoor antenna and can be fitted on the roof, or on your window sill, with a clear view of the sky, so that it has an unobstructed line of vision with the Sirius Satellites, which relay the radio service. There is a long cable provided to connect the antenna to the tuner.

Once the antenna is connected, you are ready to receive the Sirius Satellite Radio service on to your audio system. Since the integration is seamless you will be able to control the tuner, through the control panel of your receiver. With the controls on your receiver you can scan and search for channels, and preset your favourite ones. The channel information like its name and number, the information regarding the song and artist, all can be seen on the display screen of your receiver. The tuner also has indicator lights, which shows you the status of the signal being received and the performance level of the tuner.