Sirius Home Connect Tuner Pro

The Sirius Home Connect Tuner Pro is a complete kit of components, that will integrate seamlessly into any Sirius-ready home audio system, to give you a clear reception of Sirius Satellite Radio service. It provides a high quality analog and digital audio outputs. It comes with an antenna, which has to be fitted outdoors, or on the window sill. There are many companies who make receiver models that are compatible with the Sirius Home Tuner. Some of them are Radio shack with their Accurian model, Colorado vNet, Integra, Onkyo, Phillips, Pioneer, Polk Audio, RCA, Rotel, Sunfire and Sony.

The SCH1P2 Sirius Home Connect Tuner Pro kit includes the SCH1 HomeConnect Tuner, an AC power adapter of 5 VDC(1A), a 1.5 meter long 8-pin mini-DIN male to RS232 SSP cable, cable instructions for RS232, a SCH1 O/G, a RG-174 F to SMB adapter cable, rubber cable boot, a professional signal distribution kit I/G, 1 SRS-2BVB splitter with 2 screws, 1terminator, 4 hex lock nuts, 1 #10 screws, a cable tie, 2 mounting brackets, 2 U bolts and a Sirius outdoor antenna and the Sirius Radio channel guide. This kit has all the components required to quickly set up the installation. The tuner itself is sleek and compact so that it fits un-obtrusively into your home theater system. It can be placed flat or mounted on a wall or panel.

You have to connect your Sirius-ready receiver to the Sirius Home Connect Tuner, with the 8-pin DIN connector cable. This cable has a two-way advantage as it supplies power to the tuner through your receiver and also relays the audio output from the tuner to the receiver. This cable thus seamlessly integrates the tuner to your home theater system. If your receiver is unable to supply the power to the tuner through the 8-pin DIN connector cable, then use the AC power adapter which is provided. There are also professional installation kits available for compatibility with multi-room audio systems and other RS232 applications like SCH1P1 and SCH1P2.

The antenna has to be set up outdoors or on your window sill so that it has a clear line of view of the sky. Sirius Satellite Radio uses three satellites to beam the service across mainland United States, and your antenna should have the proper alignment in the direction of this satellite, to get a clear reception. The antenna has to be connected to the tuner with the cable that is supplied.

Once the installation is complete you will be able to control the tuner from the panel of your receiver and get all the information like channel name and number, song and artist name, on your receiver's display screen. The receiver itself has certain display indicators that will tell you the signal status and performance level of the tuner. A steady green light indicates your tuner is performing at its peak and the signal is being received. The flickering red light warns you that the antenna has not been connected to the tuner.