Sirius FM Tuner

Sirius Tuners will give you quality digital stream, from the Sirius Satellite Radio service. There are more than 120 channels which are beamed via three powerful satellites, to give the best coverage across mainland United States. With the Sirius FM Tuner you will be able to enjoy all the channels of Sirius Satellite Radio at your home, office, vehicle and even through a marine radio. This broadcasting service is totally without any commercials, and there are 65 channels devoted only to different genres of music. From the latest hits to the evergreen oldies, from classical to rock, this service has it all. When driving you will be able to keep track of traffic situations, via the traffic news bulletins, which are relayed by this service. There are constant weather updates and famous news channels providing you with the latest local and world news. Disney and E! Entertainment channels are also broadcast, to give you high quality entertainment.

There are many ways of getting Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast in your vehicle. You can get a Vibe Sirius/AM/FM Tuner Module and connect it to the audio system in your car or house. This Sirius FM tuner is only 6 inches by 5 inches in dimension, and will therefore not require extra rack space. The integration is seamless with a Vibe receiver and you can easily navigate the channels via the Vibe Color Touchscreen, and do all the tuning as well. You can preset 18 of your favourite channels and do channel and category browsing through your receiver. With this Tuner module you can also incorporate terrestrial radio into your Vibe system. The AM and FM antennas are included with this tuner. The tuner runs by a DC adapter or through CAT5E system. The frequency range of the FM tuner is between 76MHz to 108MHz and the channel spacing is at 50, 100, or 200kHz.

If you are connecting a Sirius Satellite Radio tuner to your car radio, then the best connection would be through the “AUX IN” or “LINE IN” jack on the front of your car radio. An audio cable is required which will be compatible with your headset and Sirius FM Tuner. A direct connection through a cable will give you better audio reception, without any interference from local FM broadcasters. If the “AUX IN” jack is not there in your car headset then you will have to but a Sirius FM Direct Adapter. This will provide a direct connection between the Sirius Tuner and your car radio. The adapter will cancel any static from outside and other interferences.

The Sirius radio has a built in FM transmitter, which will send the audio from Sirius radio to your car radio. You can then use the controls on the dashboard of you headset to control the tuner or Sirius Radio. To configure this you should first find a FM channel on your car radio that is not broadcasting. Then match the frequencies with your Sirius radio and you are done.