Sirius Elvis Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio service has been broadcasting more than 120 channels of excellent programming, comprising of music, sports, news, talk and entertainment, since its inception in 2002. The most heard are the 69 music channels, which bring you commercial-free music of almost all genres including Rock, Pop, Classical, Country, Hip-Hop, Christian, Latin, Dance, Jazz and international. 

In the world of music, who can ever forget the King, and so there is Sirius Elvis Radio on the channel 13. Elvis Radio is actually an exclusive Elvis Presley radio station, broadcasting from Graceland in Memphis since 2004, and broadcasts its content through Sirius, XM and Dish Network. Graceland is the home of the King of Rock and Roll, and people coming to visit, make it a point to come to this radio station. Elvis Radio has all the hundreds of songs of Elvis Presley on its in-depth playlist. They have everything Elvis ever recorded, including all the comebacks, rare songs and live tracks. The radio station has been able to collect certain rare songs that have not been heard anywhere else. 

Sirius Elvis Radio, is liked by many of the subscribers and has become a popular radio channel. The channel has many regular programs which are quite popular. The Elvis Country program is a new addition and features all the country hits and country classics of Elvis. Elvis is known to have popularised the Rockabilly music, which is a mixture of hillybilly music with an attitude of rock and roll. This program covers music by Elvis in styles like country, bluegrass, western swing, rocabilly, southern gospel, rural countrifield blues and countrypolitan.

Every Sunday at 8am, Sirius Elvis Radio, brings Sunday Morning Gospel Time. In this program you will get to hear the gospel classics by Elvis. This is a 2 hour program featuring the best of Elvis's Southern Gospel Music ever recorded. This program is rebroadcasted every monday at 12am and wednesday at 11pm. 

The program, Elvis Goes Hollywood is broadcasted daily and has the best of Elvis movie music. The program Soundtrack Saturday Night with Bill Rock, is between 10pm to midnight, and the host Bill Rock will take you on a musical journey of Elvis's cinematic music. You can also request your favourite Elvis movie songs in this program, and also ask questions to Bill by email. 

The Elvis Quiz Show is every friday at 1.30pm and you can win some collectible prizes by answering various questions on anything that is Elvis. You can be a contestant on this show by emailing your request to

Every Friday night at 10pm there is the Friday Night '50s Rave Up program, hosted by TY. This program features the music made during the 1950s, and has the legendary recordings from Sun Studio, NYC, Nashville, and the Hollywood sound stages and concert performances.

Sirius Elvis Radio broadcasts on thursdays, sundays and tuesdays, The Elvis Radio Vault, which is a program on the rare songs and vintage tracks which are very difficult to find. These are the rarest songs which you would not have heard anywhere else.