Sirius DLP2500 Tuner

The Sirius DLP250 Tuner is a Sirius Satellite Radio receiver that is designed to work with Jensen vehicle and marine radios, which are Sirius-ready. You can get Sirius Satellite Radio service through a paid subscription, in mainland United States. This service uses three powerful satellites, that hover directly over the U.S., to give you superior coverage and digital quality entertainment in your vehicle. Out of more than 120 channels, 65 are devoted to music. You will receive a wide variety of music from the modern hits to the R&B oldies. There is also classical, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Reggae and many more. The best part is that you will get a constant stream which is commercial-free, and the music is hosted by expert jockeys, who provide compelling information about the music being played. The sports channel feature 40 NBA games, 40 NHL games and 16 NFL games every week. Apart from this there are the famous news channels like CNBC, FOX and many more. The entertainment channels are Disney and E! Entertainment Radio.

The Sirius DLP2500 Tuner has to be mounted in your vehicle, on a flat location, which is away from getting direct sunlight and being exposed to moisture, rain or water. Sufficient space should be left open above the unit to facilitate ventilation and circulation of air. All the brackets and screws are supplied, and it is advisable to use only those, as other parts might damage the unit. It is important to disconnect your battery's negative terminal, before you start the installation process.

An antenna is supplied with the Sirius DLP2500 Tuner, which has to be mounted on the roof of your vehicle. The antenna should have a clear line of vision to the sky and should not be blocked by obstructions such as roof rack and so on. If you have a convertible, then fit the antenna on the lid of your vehicle's trunk. The antenna has a powerful magnetic base, so place it on a metal surface of your car which is at least 12 inches by 12 inches and is away from any windows by at least 6 inches. The antenna cover comes with an adhesive, that is used to secure the cable trailing from the antenna to your vehicle. This cable is to be routed carefully to the location where you have mounted the tuner, and then plug the SMB connector to the unit. 

After connecting the Sirius DLP2500 Tuner properly, and adjusting the orientation of the antenna, you have to activate the unit to get the broadcast of Sirius Satellite Radio service. For doing this, first turn on your head unit, and keep pressing the Mode button, until you see “SIRIUS” on the display, and then select this as the mode of operation. The display on your radio will then read “UPDATING”. During this time do not press any buttons or perform any operation, until the updating task is over. A Sirius ID is given to every unit and you will find yours on a sticker on the bottom of your unit. You will have to use this ID, to activate your Sirius subscription, through the internet or the phone.