Sirius Direct Tuner

Sirius Direct Tuner will get you reception of the Sirius Stellite Radio, in your vehicle. Radios and portable radios, having the Sirius Universal Docking system, are compatible with this tuner. If your car stereo does not have such a feature, you will have to buy an adapter that will make the tuner, compatible with your stereo.

Many car manufacturers supply their own stereo in the car, and hence you need an adapter, depending on the model of your car. For connecting the DEI SCC1 Sirius Direct Tuner, in your Toyota Lexus XM vehicle, you need the LEXTOYSIR2 interface. This is a plug-n-play device, which can directly be connected to the tuner and to your factory head unit. You can install this out of view and will provide direct audio. This interface allows you to see on your Navigation or LCD screen, all the information like Radio station name, channel number, song and artist name.

If you are having a Honda or an Acura vehicle you will need the HONSC1 HONDA XM to Sirius adapter to interface between your vehicle's stock satellite radio and the Sirius Direct Tuner. This will convert your XM satellite radio into a Sirius Satellite Radio and will get all the information on the radio dashboard screen.

There is also a kit available, called the Sirius Direct receiver, which will directly interface with your  factory car radio, to get reception of Sirius Satellite Radio service. This device will make your radio work as though it is a Sirius radio. The Sirius Direct Kit is for XM and Sirius-ready vehicles. This kit has the Sirius Direct Tuner box, antenna and smart digital adapter, all in one package. This is the smallest demodulator for satellite radio that you can find in the market. This makes it very easy to install in a way that is hidden from view and provides a seamless integration into your vehicle's components. The Sirius Direct Connect receiver kit has a discreet Sirius Micro-antenna with a magnetic mount.

This kit requires professional installation, but everything is provided in the package, so that the installation is very quick. The Sirius Direct Connect tuner is to be used with a radio which is satellite-ready, in conjunction with Sirius Direct Cable. This is considered to be a universal demodulator as it adapts to many vehicles and after-market stereos, with the different adaptor cables.

You will need to have the Sirius Satellite Radio subscription, to enjoy the service on your tuner. This service is available in 48 contiguous states in mainland United States. There are 120 radio channels of un-paralleled music, entertainment, news and sports coverage. The music is streamed over 65 channels which are totally devoid of any commercials. Most of the genres of music are covered by the channels, and the different type of music will satisfy a wide range of tastes and preferences. When the NLF and NBA season is going on, the channels have live coverage of these events and you can follow the progress of your favourite team from your vehicle.