Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1

The Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 will enable you to receive Sirius satellite radio broadcasts on the head unit of your vehicle. The head unit will have to be either SAT radio-ready or Sirius-ready. All head units will not be compatible with this tuner and might require a special interface device and cable, to connect to the tuner. Once the tuner is installed and have paid the Sirius subscription fees, you can receive more than 120 channels of entertainment, music, sports and news in digital quality sound. The music channels are totally free of commercials and have all the possible genres of English music. Sports channels cover all the popular games of the United States like NASCAR, NBA, NFL, College sports and so on. News channels of Sirius radio service give all the latest news of the country and from around the world, with frequent weather updates and traffic news. Famous talk shows, comedy, kid's programmes and movies news form the line-up of the entertainment channels.

The size of the Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 is very compact and this makes it easy to keep it hidden after installation. The box-like tuner can be easily mounted below the dash or even under the driver's seat. The supplied mounting plate is easy to screw onto a solid hard surface and the tuner will be held in position on this plate by the supplied screws. The tuner is totally without any controls and has only two connectors on it front side, which are to be connected by the supplied cables to the antenna and the head unit. The process of installation is very easy and can be done without much professional help.

The tricky part is routing the antenna cable through the car door's rubber lining and taking it to the tuner. As the radio service is broadcasted via satellite, the antenna will have to be placed in a position where it will have an unobstructed view of the sky. The roof of the vehicle is an ideal place, and it should be mounted at least 3 inches away from any edges. A powerful magnet at the base of the antenna makes the mounting very simple by just placing it on the metallic surface of the vehicle. A cover tail piece is provided to secure the wire coming out of the antenna, and this has an adhesive, so that the cable is secured to the vehicle.

The 8 pin DIN cable which is provided, makes seamless integration with the head unit possible. The single cable is able to provide power to the tuner through the head unit, and also send the data and audio signals to the head unit from the tuner. You can control the tuner through the control panel of the head unit and see all data on the display of the head unit, like channel number, channel name, name of the song being played, artist name. The amount of data that can be viewed will depend on the model of the head unit.