Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner

Sirius satellite radio service is an excellent way to keep yourself and the family entertained on any commute. The service broadcasts more than 120 channels of quality entertainment, covering mainland United States and Canada. You can get music, news, sports and entertainment channels while driving, and the channels cover programmes for all age groups. More than 60 channels deliver non-stop commercial-free music of all genres. From the latest hits to the evergreen oldies all the music is covered from Rock, to Classical, to Country. The entertainment channels cover comedy and popular talk shows, and all the latest gossip from the world of Hollywood. On a commute it is essential to get updates on the weather and the traffic. Sirius radio service has news channels covering the weather in all states and the traffic news of all the important cities. You can also keep yourself updated on the scores of your favourite sports, as the sports channels cover all the popular sports played in the US.

To receive this excellent radio service you need to have a Sirius subscription and a Sirius radio tuner for your vehicle. The Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner is one of the best tuners available in the market, and has been there for a long time. This tuner can be connected to your Sirius-ready head unit via the supplied 8 pin DIN cable. The 8 pins are for transmitting the power, audio and data through this single cable. There are no controls on the tuner itself, and you can do all your settings and tunings from the control panel of your head unit. Sirius satellite radio transmits metadata along with the digital audio signals. These data like the name of the song, artist name, channel number and name, can all be seen on the display of your head unit. You can also preset your favourite Sirius channels depending on the number of presets that your head unit allows. If your head unit is not working with the supplied cable, then you will have to buy an additional interface device and cable to make it compatible with the tuner.

The Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner has a straightforward and simple installation. You need to mount the tuner securely with the supplied mounting plate, or you can detach this plate and mount it with any adhesive material you seem fit. The tuner's dimensions are quite small and so it is easy to fit it even in a small car. The supplied magnetic antenna, along with the connecting cable has to be connected to the tuner. The antenna will be mounted on the roof, without anything obstructing it from the view of the sky, so that it can receive the satellite signals. The magnetic base of the antenna makes it easy to be mounted on the metallic surface of the car and the connecting antenna wire has to be routed to the tuner.

Once you have installed the Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner, you need to activate your subscription online or by phone. There will be a unique Sirius ID, printed on the back of the tuner or on the package which will be required for activation.