Sirius Connect Universal Vehicle Tuner

One of the earliest models, with a simple box design, the Sirius Connect Universal Vehicle Tuner is still popular among people wanting to listen to Sirius satellite radio in their vehicle. This is a sturdy and compact tuner which has stood the test of time, and has got many favourable reviews from its many users. The tuner is compatible with any Sirius-ready head unit and also with many, SAT radio-ready factory head units. Even when certain head unit models are not directly compatible; using an appropriate interface cable will solve the problem, and these are available in the market for all kinds of models. You also need a Sirius satellite radio subscription to receive the broadcasts of over 120 channels on your tuner.

The Sirius Connect Universal Vehicle Tuner, comes with all the standard required cables and accessories to give you a hassle-free installation. The tuner has two connectors, of which connects to the head unit, and the other to the antenna. The connection to the head unit can be made in three different ways, depending on the compatibility. When the head unit is totally compatible, one can use the supplied DIN cable having 8 pins. This totally integrates the tuner with the head unit and there is no further requirements of any cables for power, audio or data transmission. This single cable measuring 63 inches, will take care of all these requirements. Certain models of head units will require a specific interface cable, and other models which are totally incompatible will require a special interface between the head unit cable and the Sirius Connect cable.

The supplied antenna of the Sirius Connect Universal Vehicle Tuner is also very compact and comes with a strong magnetic base, and a 21 feet cable with an SMB connector, and a tail piece cover. The antenna has to be mounted in a place which is in direct line of contact with the sky, so that there are no obstructions in receiving the satellite signals. The ideal place is the roof of the vehicle and in case of a convertible vehicle, the other best place is the trunk lid. The wire which comes out of the antenna has to be secured with the supplied tail piece, and then routed through the door and connected to the tuner.

The mounting of the tuner is a simple task and can be done with the supplied mounting bracket. This bracket is a plate which can be detached if the tuner is to be mounted by securing it with adhesives like velcro tapes or other materials. The place of installation should not be where a lot of heat is generated or it is exposed to dampness. The tuner has to be located in a place where there is free circulation of air, and does not come in the way of any movements inside the vehicle.

Once the Sirius Connect Universal Vehicle Tuner is installed, you can control all it functions through the head unit's control panel.